Mobile Threat Protection: seamlessly secure your mobile devices

Mobile devices face an increasingly complex web of security challenges, and risk is becoming the weak link in enterprise security. To ensure cyber resilience, enterprises must not only protect against conventional threats, such as viruses, but also the new wave of sophisticated attacks. These come in many shapes and forms such as zero-day attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, malware injection via apps and even advanced network attacks.

Mobile Threat Protection is an advanced prevention solution that detects known and unknown threats, analyzes them and provides real-time reporting and control. It complements Enterprise Mobility Management solutions, which protect devices from static threats by pushing a security policy.

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Mobile Threat Protection

How it works

  • End-user app is installed on each device in your mobile fleet
  • The app runs seamlessly in the background until malicious or suspicious activity is detected in real time
  • Our dynamic, cloud-based threat intelligence platform powers the service to ensure your security is always up to date
  • In case of breach detection, end users are alerted to take action via a pop-up notification
  • Security and mobility management teams can block access to compromised devices and control mobile threats via a cloud-based dashboard
  • Orange Business supports the service rollout to best fit the environment and provides 24x7 support
  • Optional integration with existing Enterprise Mobility Management solution for increased visibility and protection




  • Ability for end users to control the safety of their devices
  • User-friendly notifications in case of threats
  • Remediation by end user or administrator


  • Fast and easy deployment across the organization
  • No cumbersome infrastructure to install or update
  • Real-time threat detection and remediation



  • Cost-effective as-a-service solution
  • Simple subscription plans based on number of devices
  • No maintenance costs

Peace of mind

  • Detection and instant blocking of zero-day attacks and emerging threats
  • Unmatched service layer from Orange Business
  • 99.95% availability
  • Expert support by your side 24x7



Best-of-breed technology

Orange Business partners with Check Point, a leader in high-performance security solutions.

Check Point Software Technologies





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