Secure Gateway: protect your company’s exchanges and data

Secure Gateway is a global security service dedicated to the protection of corporate networks. It allows you to define a strategy that's adapted to your business and choose a security level based on your needs.

Secure Gateway

An adaptable offer: you choose the services you need

Secure Gateway consists of a new-generation firewall at the heart of the service, to which you can simply add or remove options to fit your business needs.


Managed next-gen firewall

  • Control all the incoming and outgoing traffic of your business, from the Internet to the data center
  • Perform application and website filtering, user control and protection from attacks

Proxy cache

  • Improve web performance


Reverse proxy

  • Direct traffic to your applications
  • Protect your web server from external attacks


  • Protect against viruses, malware, spyware and phishing


Web access control

  • Manage and control the "surfing" of your company and your users
  • Protect Internet browsing through the "web reputation," integrated into next-gen firewalls or delivered on a dedicated platform

Intrusion prevention

  • Detect and block network and application attacks



  • Managed Firewall is ISO 20000 certified, and our SOCs are 27001 certified




Designed for you
Personalized services fully managed and supervised by our experts 24x7

A flat-rate service without surprises

Peace of mind
A secure portal to access your service information

Single point of contact
A single team of specialists to design, manage and operate your solution


Our partners are leaders in their fields

Our solution is based on technology from the leading vendors in the industry.

Next-gen firewall

Reverse proxy


  • McAfee

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