Email Protection Suite: seamlessly protect your corporate email

Email remains the main source of malware or ransomware infection across organizations of all industry and sizes. A new phishing attack is launched every 30 seconds, and the annual cost of phishing to global organizations is $9.1 billion per year, according to RSA Security. The cost of global financial losses due to business email compromise (BEC) and email account compromise is estimated to be $12.5 billion by the FBI.
Threats can spread through the content of messages via an innocuous attachment or a link redirecting users toward a malicious site. The resulting disruption to business as usual can result in significant financial loss and reputation damage.

Email Protection Suite includes all the next-generation security features you need to protect your organization effectively:

  • All incoming emails (from the Internet) to your company's email systems
  • All outgoing emails (to the Internet) to external recipients

Legitimate emails processed by Email Protection Suite are then securely routed to you or your partners' mail servers via TLS tunnels.


Email Protection Suite


Protect your organization from email-based threats

Email Protection Suite provides all the functionalities of advanced email protection, while significantly reducing the burden on internal resources (hardware, software, bandwidth) and the risk of infection.

Reputation filer

The reputation score of the sender domain is calculated dynamically by the solution

Spam filtering

Analyzes the content of messages including URL links

Antivirus filtering

Signature filtering provided by Sophos

Malware filter

Protects against viral campaigns using unknown malware

Sandboxing (option)

Advanced Threat Protection with Sandbox and Retrospective Analysis

Secure unsubscribe option

Allows users to unsubscribe from unwanted distribution lists with one click

Market-leading technology

Our Email Protection Suite is based on technology from leaders in the market.