Flexible Applications Access: remote access to your information system in any situation

Flexible Applications Access allows users to work remotely as if they were in the office. It is a simple and secure solution for remote access to your company’s information system, whether on site or in the cloud, for employees working remotely or traveling, or for partners. Users are authenticated and access only authorized data with their computers, tablets or smartphones. All transactions between users and your business are encrypted.

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Flexible Applications Access

Two ways to access your information system

Flexible Applications Access allows full access to your information system as if the user is in the office, as well as restricted access to certain resources, through a web portal.


As if in the office

  • Software on the user device creates an encrypted tunnel with Flexible Applications Access
  • The user accesses your information system using their normal office software
  • The user's computer is checked (anti-virus up-to-date, etc.)

Via a web portal

  • The user’s resources are made available for this
  • Access, which is HTTPS-encrypted, is via a browser


Your benefits

Ease of use

  • Users login to Windows with their normal AD credentials. They are then logged into their applications as if they are at the office


  • Access limited to authorized users
  • Encrypted transaction
  • User devices checked

Real-time online management

  • Modification of user access rights
  • Increase/decrease in the number of simultaneous accesses with automatic adjustment of the price
  • Service usage statistics

No restrictions

  • Independent of your intranet and Internet providers
  • As many simultaneous accesses as you need
  • All types of Internet access: 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc.

Customizable to your needs

  • Virtual Machine installed in your tenant in the public cloud or our data centers or physical server installed at your location or our data centers
  • User authentication from different sources
  • Information system access rights customized according to the user


A partner recognized in its field

Flexible Applications Access is the result of a collaboration between Orange Business and Orange Cyberdefense and thus incorporates our skills as a network and security leader.

With Flexible Applications Access, you get a proven solution based on Pulse Secure technology.

Pulse Secure





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