Siemens improves global collaboration and drives innovation


Issues and challenges

The company’s ambition is to provide one global platform for guest Internet access and Siemens mobile users by consolidating numerous existing in-country specific solutions into one managed service. The aim is to reduce costs and simplify the handling of carrier management by working with a single global provider.

"As a globally operating company with subsidiaries and divisions all over the world, we need a reliable and flexible communications network that is a critical business enabler and can evolve with our growing business. We chose Orange Business Services because we see it as a prime partner with the ability to deliver a seamless worldwide solution for guest Internet coverage with the highest degree of scalability standards – especially to provide stable Internet access for 40,000 Siemens guests every month based on an attractive price-performance ratio.
"We were also impressed by the flexibility and service level Orange Business Services has been providing as a trusted partner to Siemens over the past several years."

Gülay Stelzmüllner, Head of IT Backend Infrastructure Services, Siemens AG

The objective

Improve global collaboration and drive innovation.

  • Orange Internet-based access for 40,000 Siemens guests and home workers in 94 countries on five continents
  • Management guest access orchestration by integration of business processes into Siemens joint ServiceNow platform
  • Extension of the solution to 70,000 Siemens mobile users with capacity management

Orange Business Services is enabling Siemens to enhance global collaboration and accelerate innovation.

  • Enhanced reliable and secure communication and collaboration capability to support this highly distributed, global organization
  • Managed service integrated into existing SDN processes
  • Major cost savings through simplification of carrier management and bundling the Siemens global buying power
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Siemens is a global powerhouse positioned along the electrification value chain – from power generation, transmission and distribution to smart grid solutions and the efficient application of electrical energy. It is also heavily engaged in medical imaging and laboratory diagnostics.

  • Founded in 1847
  • Joint headquarters in Berlin and Munich
  • Operations all over the world
  • 377,000 employees worldwide