The challenges of growth and performance, as well as the need for responsiveness related to e-commerce, have convinced the MPSA Group to opt for the AWS cloud. The result is a tailor-made use of resources and numerous services available. The AWS ecosystem also opens the door to enable innovation.

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Having an IT system in sync with the challenges of 100% digital

The MPSA Group has made all-digital its hallmark. This family-owned company, specializing in online tire sales to professionals and individuals, achieves one million euros in sales every day. The websites Car Leader and Avatacar are the true spearheads of this e-commerce leader, with a commitment to deliver to its customers all over France in less than four hours.

To maintain this promise of responsiveness over time, they require a solid and resilient IT infrastructure. "100% of our orders are placed online, so the robustness of the IT system is crucial," confirms Cédric Massa, CEO of MPSA.

However, the company's leaders encountered a challenge: they lacked the flexibility to meet their commitments, and they needed to prepare for the demands of the future. "Until now, we were renting a pool of fixed services, we had difficulties absorbing our peaks or having pay-per-use," explains Christophe Charbonnier, CIO of MPSA.

This rigidity translates in practice into either too many resources being paid for but not always fully utilized, or a lack of resources. "And in this case, it was necessary to enter into commercial negotiations to increase the number of resources," adds the CIO.

We have found extremely competent people at Orange Business, top-level architects to help us and support us. You absolutely must not go it alone; the AWS universe is far too vast.


Christophe Charbonnier, CIO, MPSA Group

Orange Business supports mastery of the AWS ecosystem

This realization prompted the MPSA Group to issue a request for proposal to support the necessary migration of its activities into a more suitable cloud environment.

The methodology and expertise of the Orange Business teams quickly won over MPSA. During the request for proposal process, workshops and collective work sessions with Orange Business experts helped the IT department better understand their tools, evaluate costs and become familiar with their future cloud ecosystem.

"These workshops convinced me that you absolutely must not go it alone; the AWS universe is far too vast," recalls Christophe Charbonnier. "We found extremely competent people at Orange Business, top-level architects to help us and support us. The support from Orange Business on this project was fundamental." This was especially true thanks to the advice, recommendations, training and best practices provided.

A major leap forward for continuous innovation

The migration of its IT system to VMware Cloud and its transformation to native AWS services have met MPSA's expectations. In terms of security, of course, but also flexibility and competitiveness. "The security aspect obviously interested me, but it’s the range of services that come with it that are especially adapted to our business," emphasizes Cédric Massa, CEO of MPSA. "The technology underlying AWS allows us to evolve our IT system in a way that is much more flexible and more efficient, and can truly tailor resources to our needs."

This successful migration also opens up new prospects for this major player in online sales, which intends to seize all the opportunities offered by the AWS ecosystem.

"The next steps with AWS and Orange Business will be to start working concretely on the services part, particularly on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Forecasting directly related to our logistics business," adds the CEO of MPSA. Because cloud, predictive analytics and innovation obviously go very well together.

1 million
euros in sales per day with online tire sales