International SOS operates a network of assistance centers, where each call can be a potential emergency. It needed to improve its customer experience (CX) by moving to an agile cloud solution to ensure that its agents could provide customers with the highest levels of support.

International SOS is the world’s leading health and security services company. It is in the business of saving lives – protecting global workforces from health and security threats 24/7 in 90 countries. The organization currently delivers customized health, risk management and well-being solutions to 9,500 clients, numbering most of the Fortune Global 500, as well as governments, educational institutions and NGOs. If there is a natural disaster, epidemic or security incident, International SOS is expected to respond immediately with actionable insights and on-the-ground service delivery.

A genuinely effortless experience across digital touchpoints

International SOS’s team needs to rapidly react when they get a call. The organization had been using an on-premises customer experience (CX) solution to engage with its clients at each point in the journey. The solution, however, was outdated and required a high level of technical support. It required a CX to meet complex and multi-regional requirements and effectively support digital channels and analytics.

Orange Business had previously transformed International SOS’s global network infrastructure, which it relies on for its complex global emergency operations. Following an in-depth assessment of its requirements, Orange consultants worked with the organization to outline a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) CX solution that was flexible and easy to deploy. The solution would simultaneously reduce International SOS’s local IT footprint demands and enable agents from multiple regions to access the same database.

After an in-depth discussion and workshop on business, technical and workflow requirements, Orange consultants created a custom strategy for International SOS. Orange was able to deliver the solution quickly to meet tight deadlines due to its in-depth knowledge of the organization’s IT environment. Orange Business Talk enabled the organization to optimize telco costs and replace multiple call providers.

Orange integration skills enabled International SOS to integrate telephony and contact center. The solution provides a global, seamless voice service capable of managing all types of calls: outbound, inbound, on-net, off-net and local at national and international levels.

By using the cloud-based solution, International SOS can now rapidly scale up the required number of agents from its hybrid workforce, should a major crisis hit. It can also deploy new sites as and when needed with minimal infrastructure requirements. Users can access the system even in remote locations with a network connection and a browser.

Keeping everyone connected

Orange Business is helping International SOS ensure that its applications and connectivity are up and running and up to date around the clock – connecting medical staff, security and logistics experts ready to assist clients wherever they are. CX SaaS has enabled the organization to take customer experience to the next level and make impactful changes in operations.