A global chemicals company was at the early stages of its cloud journey and was looking to take control of its multicloud estate, optimize operations and provide a universal experience for users across all clouds.

The company needed a secure connectivity platform to manage the digital workspaces and cloud-based applications that supported its agile workforce worldwide. However, the chemicals company had seen that the more it relied on cloud, the more complex the landscape became.

Cloud networking provides the answer. It is a common platform for all clouds allowing the enterprise to take back control and impose consistent policies, regardless of the cloud provider, providing enhanced management controls and a quality, consistent end-user experience.

With enterprise workloads becoming more distributed and multicloud becoming the chosen route for best-in-breed features, controlling and managing applications and data becomes more and more difficult. Cloud networking combines cloud and connectivity expertise to provide end-to-end simplification.

A high-performance platform tailored for the business

The chemicals company was starting to re-host its applications and data in the Microsoft Azure public cloud. However, it needed to optimize and secure connectivity in the cloud to achieve its business ambitions.

This demanded a structured virtual networking/security design in Azure capable of handling the growing size and complexity of the business. The company did not have the expertise in-house, however, and wanted a partner to deliver the overall management of the network layer in Azure.

Orange Business proved the ideal partner. As a digital services integrator with a telco backbone, Orange had all the required expertise and capabilities to deploy a secure cloud networking solution.

The Orange cloud networking solution is delivered as part of Evolution Platform, which provides the answer to the multicloud challenges that enterprises face today. It is a methodology designed by Orange to converge connectivity, security and operational expertise seamlessly, while remaining flexible enough to adapt to ever-changing business priorities.

Orange now manages the network layer in Microsoft Azure for the chemicals company, covering networking components, including gateways and Azure Virtual Networks (VNETs). The latter is a network environment that can be used to run virtual machine (VM) applications in the cloud. Orange monitors the components via a dashboard and logs in to the Azure environment.

Building a single-connected multicloud architecture is pivotal for any enterprise looking to get a return on its cloud investment and hit business goals. The cloud networking solution provided by Orange has enabled this chemicals company to maximize uptime and resilience, contributing to overall operational excellence.