With 11,000 employees, 700 stores, and revenue of €4 billion, Carrefour Belgium has positioned itself as one of Belgium’s retail giants. The company operates in a highly competitive sector and wanted to use its data to better understand and communicate with its customers.

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Transforming communication to strengthen customer relationships

As a major player in the retail sector, Carrefour Belgium has a considerable amount of data at its disposal. Its aim was to better leverage its data to extract customer insights and communicate more effectively with them. To accomplish this, the company had to identify the use cases and technical tools to be implemented.

An integrated solution to gain insight and serve customers

Carrefour Belgium approached Orange Business to set up a program based firstly on building a technical layer and then on better integrating its data with the tool it uses for its marketing campaigns. The key aim was to deliver more targeted offers and to stand out from its competitors. Other components of the program included facilitating the accessibility and visualization of company data and improving its governance. In the wake of this project, a new challenge emerged in 2020: how to accelerate the use of Carrefour Belgium’s data while migrating to Google’s cloud solutions. Orange Business supported the company’s migration by providing an architecture solution and implementing use cases to refine customer insights. Orange Business also provided the company with technical skills it did not have in-house. With the help of data engineers trained in this technology, Carrefour Belgium was able to implement the roadmap defined with Orange Business.

For Gregory Pierquin, Carrefour Belgium’s Chief Data Officer, the highlight of this collaboration was the consulting approach and the access to case studies from a variety of sectors. “It’s good to have a platform and technical expertise, but you need to know how to best tap into them. Orange Business was there when we needed them to help define and implement this roadmap,” he said.

It’s good to have a platform and technical expertise, but you need to know how to best tap into them. Orange Business was there when we needed them to help define and implement this roadmap.


Gregory Pierquin, Chief Data Officer at Carrefour Belgium

Accelerate the use of data to become a digital retail leader

Thanks to this collaboration, Carrefour Belgium can now leverage its data more easily while controlling costs and protecting its customers’ data. These successes have made it easier to communicate relevant information and promotions to its partners and customers, taking it one step further in its transformation into a digital retail leader. Continuing on this path is now the focus of its collaboration with Orange Business. In the future, Carrefour Belgium intends to accelerate the use of its data so that it can continue to offer its customers unique services. Another challenge is to optimize its processes to become a truly data-centric company. “Orange Business is here to help us implement these two strategic goals,” concluded Pierquin.