Getting to know where people go within its municipality, making the city smarter and more enjoyable to live in and enriching the relationship with its residents. The Principality of Monaco invested in two innovative solutions from Orange Business to meet these needs.

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"The Rock" at the crossroads of challenges

"The Rock" is undoubtedly unlike any other community. Between France and Italy, Monaco is special for many reasons, with a surface area of only two square kilometers yet home to 40,000 inhabitants. In addition, 50,000 people cross the border each day to work there, and several hundred thousand tourists flock to the Principality every year. "Here you have all the exacerbated challenges of a modern city," says Georges Gambarini, Program Manager Smart Cities and Digital at the Principality’s governing body.

This presents several significant challenges for Monaco in terms of people flow management, heightened by strong environmental constraints and the desire to maintain a high standard of quality of life. Prompted by these challenges, the Principality made the decision to digitalize their community and make Monaco a model Smart City, with the support of Orange Business.

"The axis is the city experience. Hence the choice, with Orange Business, to implement the solution My City in My Pocket," explains Georges Gambarini. "The second pillar of the smart city concerns the ability to understand what is happening in the city in order to make better decisions."

Flux Vision will allow us, through anonymization of phone geolocation data, to reconstruct flows coming to or leaving the Principality. This has tremendous value in urban governance.


Georges Gambarini, Program Manager Smart Cities and Digital at the Principality’s governing body

"My City in My Pocket" provides more user services

The My City in My Pocket mobile application is fully customizable, and in the Principality, it is called "Your Monaco." It has a unique name, but the principles remain the same: it centralizes useful information for residents, workers and visitors alike in a mobile application.

Events, activities, practical information, transportation and mobility, municipal services, etc. – all this information is available through the smartphone app to simplify daily life. "For residents, it means going from 30 separate sites to one convenient application that brings together all the useful information related to the Principality of Monaco," notes Georges Gambarini.

Gaining clarity on people flows and figures with Flux Vision

The second solution deployed with Orange Business is Flux Vision. It is mainly the municipality and some of its partners (event organizers, tourist sites, a football club) who benefit from this solution, thanks to the power of data.

But how does Flux Vision work? The Principality retrieves location data, which is fully GDPR compliant, of visitors via the Monaco Telecom network. "This solution will allow us, through anonymization of phone geolocation data, to reconstruct flows coming to or leaving the Principality," explains Georges Gambarini. "This has tremendous value in urban governance."

Indeed, decision-makers obtain valuable data about the behavior and movements of the public in their municipality: where they come from, where they go, which routes they take and which places they visit. This is useful for customizing services or imagining new ones, but also for more targeted marketing and commercial strategies.

Our partnership has only just begun

"We are truly in a co-construction and a real partnership with Orange Business," assures Georges Gambarini. This opens up the possibility of writing new pages together to continue the digital transition of the Principality. We are considering additional use cases to make the city even smarter.

Satisfaction has been achieved with the success of these two projects. "These two solutions address our two pillars beautifully: information and city experience for residents, and decision-making support." Mission accomplished!

application brings together all the useful information about city life from 30 separate sites