Orange Cyberdefense rates "Very Strong" in GlobalData Product Assessment Report - Global Managed Security Services

Date: 14 May 2020
Analyst: Amy Larsen DeCarlo


In this new report, Orange Cyberdefense retained its previous Very Strong rating, driven by the strengthening of the Orange Cyberdefense service portfolio as well as a solid strategy and execution. According to Global Data: “Orange Cyberdefense is very strong in managed security, proving adept at developing its portfolio of solutions and adding the resources that drive them.”

GlobalData Product Ratings
“Orange Cyberdefense is primed to support clients facing COVID-19 challenges across Europe and around the world. With the assets from its SecureData and SecureLink integrated into the fold, Orange has a deeper bench from which to draw.

Amy Larsen DeCarlo, Analyst, GlobalData



GlobalData Global Managed Security Services Product Assessment - May 2020

This report covers Orange Cyberdefense’s global managed security services including: Security Services Scope and Availability, Service Packages/Support Guarantees, Security Assessment and Auditing Services, Authentication and Encryption Services, and Monitoring and Event Management.

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Orange Cyberdefense

Orange Cyberdefense is the expert cybersecurity business unit of the Orange Group, providing managed security, managed threat detection and response services to organizations around the globe. As Europe’s go-to security provider, we strive to protect freedom and build a safer digital society.

Orange Cyberdefense embeds security into Orange Business solutions for multinationals worldwide. We believe strongly that technology alone is not a solution. We help our customers achieve superior security outcomes via our proprietary detection case-studies, threat intelligence and in-house R&D including a third-generation sandbox and Epidemiology Lab.

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