Orange Business is recognized as a Leader in "IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Service Providers 2018 Vendor Assessment"

Date: January 2018
Analyst: Courtney Munroe

"A key requirement of MNCs today is to partner with GSPs that will contribute to their digital transformation journey. The service providers featured in this study have implemented dramatic internal restructuring to help enterprises streamline and enhance their customer engagement strategies. CSPs are making bold moves to improve agility and flexible to meet these demands."

Courtney Munroe, Group Vice President, Worldwide Telecommunications

IDC identified the top 10 providers by scale and scope of operations, primarily their global coverage and the ability to provide services to global multinational corporations (MNCs). One major qualification was the presence of at least 30% of employees located outside the global service provider's (GSP's) home country, as well as the ability to provide innovative and forward-thinking solutions. The primary focus of this study is the portfolio of the emphasis on stimulating enterprise digital transformation from legacy to agile and on-demand solutions. Apart from the global networking and sales presence on multiple continents, IDC identified the following three major categories for consideration in this study:

  • Software-defined services based on software-defined networking (SDN)/NFV platforms
  • The ability to provide enhanced customer services capabilities
  • Go-TO-Market, global distribution, and support capabilities


"We thank IDC for positioning us as Leader in IDC’s MarketScape: Worldwide Service Providers 2018 Vendor Assessment. This recognizes our efforts to continuously ensure our strategy evolves rapidly, adapting to our customers’ digital development speed. We are strengthening our network capabilities and enhancing our offering towards orchestration of virtualized functions and automated network. Our customers will benefit from future-proof solutions, enabling them to accelerate to the cloud with higher application performance for an improved user experience."

Pierre-Louis Biaggi, Vice President, Connectivity Business Unit, Orange Business

Pierre-Louis Biaggi


IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Service Providers 2018 Vendor Assessment
January 2018
Doc # US43388617
By: Courtney Munroe, Group Vice President of Worldwide Telecommunications Research

This IDC study uses the IDC MarketScape model to provide an assessment of several providers participating in the worldwide network consulting services market. The IDC MarketScape is an evaluation based on a comprehensive framework and a set of parameters that assesses providers relative to one another and to those factors expected to be most conducive to success in each market during both the short term and the long term.