Virtual Mobile SSL, work remotely in case of a crisis

Virtual Mobile SSL is a simple and secure solution for remote access to your enterprise information system (IS) for employees traveling or working remotely. Users are authenticated and then access your IS with their computers, tablets or smartphones. Transactions are encrypted between the user and the system. Virtual Mobile SSL is set up in your enterprise’s public cloud tenant, i.e., Azure, AWS or Flexible Engine.

Virtual Mobile SSL

Your benefits

  • Access to your information system in any situation
  • Simple or strong authentication, with one or more sources

  • Access limited to certified users only
  • Encrypted transaction
  • User devices checked

Peace of mind
  • No contract duration commitment
  • Monthly invoice with no hidden costs



How it works

  • Software on the user device creates an encrypted tunnel with Virtual Mobile SSL
  • The user accesses your information system using your normal business software
  • The user's computer is checked for up-to-date anti-virus software, etc.