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The cloud enables companies to become more resilient, competitive, productive and innovative. Guaranteeing value creation, it is increasingly being adopted. However, not all companies have the same level of maturity with the cloud. So, how can you successfully migrate to the cloud? How can you speed up your transition? How can you increase operational efficiency while optimizing your budget without sacrificing innovation?

Gain operational excellence in cloud implementation

Based on your organizations’ level of maturity, it will be a matter of either focusing on successfully migrating to the cloud or adopting a continuous optimization approach for an existing cloud by:

  • Increasing operational and financial excellence (FinOps)
  • Reducing your time to market (DevOps)
  • Strengthening your capacity to innovate with artificial intelligence (AI), big data and data lake, connected objects (IoT), and cloud-native applications (CNApps)

Calling for, more often than not, specific expertise that can be an ad hoc need.


Customized, end-to-end support from certified experts

Our support

Our teams provide you with the best cloud strategy, implement it and optimize it throughout your project.

They do this regardless of:

  • Your cloud infrastructure: private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud
  • The size of your company in France and internationally

Our support includes connectivity, cybersecurity and application development.

Certified, multi-disciplinary experts

Our experts are skilled in:

  • Multi-cloud IaaS: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Orange with Flexible Engine
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Container as a service (CaaS)
  • DevOps
  • FinOps
  • Databases
  • Big data and data lake
  • SAP - SAP Hana
  • Application performance
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Disaster recovery (DR)



A comprehensive range of cloud support services

Our cloud experts work in five major areas:

Audit and strategy
Analysis of the existing system and development of an overall strategy (Cloud Readiness Assessment) to determine the eligibility of applications and servers with a view to switching them over to the cloud. We identify the best type of cloud for all or part of your IT infrastructure in order to avoid application dependency.

 Design and transition
Implementation of an architecture
that is adapted to your needs and specifically includes cloud-native applications and DevOps in order to create agile development processes and accelerate the provisioning of new services and applications.

 Specific expertise

Help implementing your new IT projects and optimizing your cloud solution on the technical (DevOps), financial (FinOps) and operational levels.

Support and coaching
from implementation to monitoring your solution with our Cloud Coaches. Rapid development of new skills, via our training center, enabling you to manage your clouds autonomously.

Protecting your infrastructures, applications and data from cyberattacks:
vulnerability analysis, site audit, development of a disaster recovery plan (DR), etc.


Have all the necessary skills, no matter what your maturity in the cloud is

You can rely on our:


Certified experts who offer you all the cloud skills they have

Resources available on request to provide specific expertise at any time


And you:


Free up more time for your IT staff who can focus on business needs in order to achieve greater agility and innovation.

Optimize your IT costs by relying on ad hoc external expertise.

Reduce risks thanks to the expertise of Orange teams who commit to results to ensure the completion and success of your cloud projects.





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Premium technology partners

We rely on our ecosystem of technology partners, including:

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure




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