Multi-Cloud Managed Services: maximize the benefits of multi-cloud

With a multi-cloud strategy, a company can combine several public or private cloud offers to build a technically and financially optimized IT infrastructure while maintaining control of its main public cloud providers.
Today, more than 85% of companies that use the cloud have already adopted multi-cloud. In this context, Orange Business helps you get the most out of the cloud in an abundant ecosystem.

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Multi-cloud: a winning strategy

Most of the time, multi-cloud is used in organizations whose governance has not yet been centralized and where, over time, each business unit chose the solutions most suited to its needs. Faced with this situation, a multi-cloud strategy is necessary. Multi-cloud has numerous benefits:

  • Avoiding “vendor lock-in” (dependence on a provider)
  • Limiting the risk of offers, services or prices being changed by an operator
  • Gaining agility by using dynamically extensible infrastructures that ensure you are able to handle any situation, including pandemics
  • Having better cost management thanks to a selection of the most competitive offers, provider by provider, and the optimization of usage management
  • Allowing specialization by enabling you to take advantage of the most innovative offers in Artificial Intelligence or IoT, for example
  • Protecting against service interruptions by facilitating switchovers to other clouds in the event of failures or cyberattacks
  • Meeting legal requirements, such as data location requirements under the GDPR

Maximize multi-cloud benefits: get help from our experts

Deploying or optimizing a multi-cloud strategy requires great technical maturity. To reduce the complexity of these environments, companies are advised to get help from experts in the field who have been certified by leading public cloud providers (Amazon Web Services - AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform - GCP).

Orange Business experts help you implement your end-to-end multi-cloud strategy: from the project’s conception to its completion, including its administrative and regulatory dimensions.


Orange Business multi-cloud approach

Faced with the diversity of multi-cloud projects, Orange Business offers personalized support in four key steps. We help you ask the right questions and provide you with concrete answers.

A multi-cloud methodology in four steps

 1/ Create your multi-cloud strategy
A clear action plan is an indispensable prerequisite for a successful multi-cloud strategy.

 2/ Get started with multi-cloud
Once the strategy has been established, the quality of its execution is a fundamental requirement. This includes technology, organization and implementation.

 3/ Manage your multi-cloud environment
This step covers daily infrastructure management with its technical and human aspects and includes your teams developing new skills.

 4/ Optimize your multi-cloud strategy
As with all agile methodologies, a multi-cloud strategy must be carried out on a long-term basis, testing and learning as you go.

Automated deployments on public cloud platforms

Thanks to know-how and dedicated tools, Orange Business is able to provide automated deployments of all your environments on third-party public cloud platforms.


Relying on Orange Business multi-cloud experts means:


A single point of contact with dual expertise as a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Control over the entire value chain from auditing to administrative and regulatory support

Certified experts in recognized market technologies, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP as well as our own Flexible Engine solution, integrating DevOps, FinOps and other methodologies

Centralized management of cloud provider contracts: resale and support with cloud providers

Vocalcom boosts its innovation capabilities by migrating to the cloud

Hermes, software developed by Vocalcom and dedicated to customer relations, is used worldwide by their customers on various platforms. Vocalcom wanted to consolidate the entire cloud infrastructure into a single AWS environment. The project delivered numerous operational benefits and a significant leap forward in innovation.

Read the case study

Orange Business helped us to achieve our multicloud strategy, enabling us to expand our European business while supporting our international customers with the secure, quality service they have come to expect. Orange Business integration skills have allowed us to take advantage of the very latest technologies – easily deploying and managing containers on both Orange Flexible Engine and other cloud provider platforms.


Tom Van Acker, General Manager at Unifiedpost Group

Premium technology partners

We rely on our ecosystem of technology partners, including:

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure





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Building a future-proofed multicloud strategy.

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