Cloud Infrastructure Solutions: accelerate your transformation to the cloud

Flexibility, responsiveness and scalability of the information system, data availability, innovation—cloud computing offers companies a number of benefits including resilience, competitiveness and productivity.
Presented with the richness of the cloud ecosystem and technological innovations, which cloud solution should you choose: public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or edge cloud computing? And which criteria should you use: existing infrastructure, scalability, data sensitivity and location, etc.?

Improve agility, resilience and performance with the cloud

The cloud offers the capacity for pay-as-you-go storage, computing and IT resources to best serve your company’s customer and business needs.

Your basic infrastructures — most often on your premises — enable you to host your applications, databases, and Internet and Intranet sites and store data that is essential for your business. In choosing the cloud, you are leveraging its flexibility to do even more and can:

  • Take your IS to the next level by integrating hosting for collaborative tools, telephony, SD-WAN, business applications (ERP) and workspaces
  • Guarantee your data’s security and availability
  • Ensure the continuity of your business activities with integrated disaster recovery (DR)/business continuity plan (BCP) solutions
  • Innovate with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc.

Infrastructure-as-a-service solutions based on your highest priority: public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud

IT infrastructure can be based on public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud or even edge cloud computing solutions for which the dedicated infrastructures are located as close to the data source as possible and on your company’s site.

Public cloud

Shared infrastructures in an Orange or partner data center

  • OpenStack or VMware technologies
  • Advanced features to use containers (Docker, Kubernetes) to facilitate the transfer of micro-services between platforms and leverage Big Data technologies
  • Compatibility with all your databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.) and your Microsoft and Linux ecosystem

Private cloud

Dedicated infrastructures in our data centers or on your premises

  • VMware, Nutanix and Azure Stack (“software-defined”) hyper-converged technologies
  • Fully customized or standardized dedicated infrastructure
  • Information management by our experts or using our self-service option
  • Comprehensive, flexible catalog of services

Hybrid cloud

Interaction between the public and private cloud based on the criticality of your applications

  • Extension of your private cloud to a public cloud of your choice: Flexible Engine by Orange Business, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Cloud Platform
  • Dedicated infrastructures for your critical data or legacy applications
  • Public cloud for applications requiring very high availability and/or high-level scalability

On-site infrastructure integration

Support in renovating your on-premise infrastructures thanks to the latest technologies from our partners: traditional or hyper-converged architectures

 Data center colocation

Provision of Orange data centers to accommodate your infrastructures if you do not have any hosting solutions on your premises



Cloud solutions with strong security guarantees and high availability

Trusted cloud services

  • Solutions that meet your highest-priority criteria:
    - Data location and applicable legislation
    - Operations and business continuity
    - Technological foundations and cybersecurity
    - Portfolio of related services
    - Governance, compliance and contractual obligations
  • Provision of all components related to infrastructure and managed services, including information management
  • Integration of cloud, connectivity and cybersecurity components

Certifications and service-level agreements

  • Operation and operational maintenance of infrastructures by our cloud experts and 24/7/365 monitoring by Orange Cyberdefense via its CyberSOC
  • Tier IV (or equivalent) certified data centers
  • Platforms with the best certifications, including ISO27017 and ISO27018
  • Premium service-level agreements and infrastructure-availability guarantees
  • Data locally hosted in compliance with the GDPR (for Europe), and contracts governed by local authorities


Our solutions are available internationally: we have more than 70 data centers on 5 continents, and our 2,400 cloud experts are located throughout the world.


Choosing Cloud Infrastructure Solutions by Orange Business means:


Align your IT budgets as close to your business as possible with pay-as-you-go cloud services and infrastructure costs becoming OpEx, except for private cloud

Reduce your time to market with an agile IS that can adapt to requests from business divisions

Secure your infrastructures and networks

Ensure the continuity of your business activities with premium service-level agreements and high-availability guarantees and with scalable infrastructures that can manage peaks and developments in activity

Focus your teams on their core business, freeing them from monitoring and performing operational maintenance on infrastructures

Get help with choosing a solution, onboarding and optimizing cloud infrastructures in France and internationally

Take advantage of the latest technologies and advanced features — containers, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Big Data (Data Lake), connected objects (IoT), and cloud-native applications (CNApps) — to innovate

Leverage a tool chain to launch into DevOps practices and agile methods


ESA private cloud is transforming space exploration

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Esacloud will allow our scientists to do rocket science, rather than IT, and our business to jump ahead in time more than five years. We put a high value in close partnership with suppliers in IT, and since being selected in 2000, Orange Business has helped ESA innovate and be a pioneer in many areas, such as the first European converged MPLS IP VPN. Esacloud marks a new milestone in our joint path.


Filippo Angelucci, CIO and Head of the Information Technology Department, ESA



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Premium technology partners

We rely on our ecosystem of technology partners, including:

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure





Dell Technologies

Hewlett Packard Enterprise








Building a digital trusted foundation in the cloud
A cloud ecosystem with a trusted design has the capabilities to protect and secure the infrastructure and its most precious data assets.

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