Mobile SSL, remote access to your Information System in any situation

Mobile SSL, powered by Orange Cyberdefense, allows users to work remotely as if they were in the office. It is a simple and secure solution that allows mobile employees or partners to gain remote access to your company Information System. Users are authenticated, and transactions between the user and company are encrypted. It also has an added feature to manage access rights so that only authorized data is accessed by the user.

Mobile SSL Orange Business Services technical diagram

Two ways to access the Information System

Mobile SSL allows full access to the IS as if the user was in the office, as well as restricted access to certain resources through a web portal.

As if in the office

• Software on the user device creates an encrypted tunnel with Mobile SSL
• The user accesses the IT using their usual office software
• The user's computer is checked: anti-virus up-to-date, etc.

Via a web portal

• The user’s resources are made available for this
• Access, which is HTTPS-encrypted, is via a browser

A service customizable to your needs

• Mobile SSL installed on your premises or in an Orange data centre • Authentication of users with one or more sources • Customized access rights based on the user

A service with no restrictions

• Independent of your Intranet and Internet provider • All the simultaneous accesses you need • All types of Internet access accepted: 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, etc.

A partner chosen for our own remote access

With Mobile SSL, you benefit from a proven solution, chosen by Orange for its own remote IS access and used by many customers.