Reliable and highly secured IoT cellular connectivity worldwide

In a fast growing digital world, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding rapidly, and is expected to reach 18 billion connected devices by 2022. Connectivity is a key enabler of the IoT, allowing your devices to exchange information with centralized IoT applications.

As part of this fast evolving market, you need centrally managed connectivity for your IoT devices deployed across various geographies. The IoT Managed Global Connectivity portfolio provides you with:

Data, SMS or voice communications with the IoT devices: end-to-end cellular and fix connectivity between your fleet of IoT devices (equipped with SIM cards) and your IoT business application (ex: asset tracking, predictive maintenance, etc.).
SIM cards dedicated to IoT fitting machines’ environment to securely stored mobile IoT device’s information – like identification number.
Web-based IoT connectivity management tools (via web-portal or API) to centrally managed mobile lines of IoT devices.
Worldwide coverage: Orange global mobile network enhanced by alliance of operators and roaming agreements
Dedicated and expert IoT customer support for commercial and technical questions (see IoT Services below for more details).

The IoT Managed Global Connectivity portfolio provides additional options to enhance connectivity management:

Flexible LifeTime option

to manage with flexibility your IoT connectivity all over the world

Suited for long life-cycle connected devices with soldered SIM requesting the possibility to change the operator without changing the physical SIM, thanks to eUICC technology.

Multi-Domestic Solution

to optimize your IoT cost through global coverage with unified interface

Possibility to more easily deploy IoT services to several mobile networks, with a centralized connectivity solution on a single interface with local expertise in every country covered by the GMA, the Bridge Alliance and MNO partners.

The portfolio also provides IoT customer support:

Orange goal is to simplify your M2M/IoT worldwide operations. We have developed a flexible service management solution, across an international footprint offering a unique level of global support: IoT Services, a portfolio of managed services to assist you in the deployment and day-to-day management of your devices with IoT Managed Global Connectivity.

Managed and Optimized

Optimization and serenity in the global deployment of my connected objects. Managed and Optimized, is our service management solution. One point of contact for operational escalation and regular meetings to review IoT traffic and reports as well as to discuss any improvement or new requirement. Global fleet support with team of IoT experts is available 24/7/365 together with various tools which helps you manage your global fleet effectively and online. Based on the selected service level, you will receive service management with carefully selected features adapted to your needs, ambitions and fleet of SIM size.

Managed Implementation

Smoothly implement my IoT cellular connectivity solution. Managed Implementation, enforces delivery of high quality, cost effective service during the implementation and deployment phase of your IoT project. During the implementation phase, our team of experts’ plans, manages, controls and coordinates the deployment and technical integration of your IoT solution. Our team will integrate your organizational and technical structure to proactively communicate and give support. Our solution is carefully prepared, so that it falls in line with what are your needs, in order to help you focus on your core activities and develop IoT/M2M solutions.

Device Test Kit

Serenity in the deployment of my IoT cellular devices. Device Test Kit provides a unique and adapted test environment to fit client requirements. Orange IoT experts are testing and validating IoT devices’ quality, performance and proper functioning to make sure that devices are ready to be used once tested and to eliminate risk of failure after deployment. Rely on Orange expertise to design a strategy with a wide range of tests focusing on your core competencies to ensure quick launch and help you gain advantages face to competitors.