Ericsson: a pioneer in 4G, 5G and IoT connectivity

Ericsson is one of the leading providers of information and communications technology (ICT) to service providers. They enable the full value of connectivity by creating game-changing technology and services that are easy to use, adopt and scale, making customers successful in a fully-connected world.

Our partner for mobile connectivity and IoT

Ericsson brings its portfolio of device connectivity, connected vehicle in the cloud, private and public LTE and 5G network infrastructure, while Orange Business Services brings its know-how in connecting objects, managing gateways and IoT platforms, to deliver mobile connectivity and IoT solutions, especially for customers in the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

Combining Ericsson connectivity services with Orange IoT solutions

By combining the connectivity expertise of Ericsson with IoT expertise of Orange Business Services, our customers gain access to a mobile broadband network with high availability (secured and resilient) for critical applications, along with a secure platform to manage connected objects worldwide and enabling the deployment of efficient IoT applications.

Advanced solutions for IoT services and mobile connectivity

Together with Ericsson, we are able to offer a variety of solutions to meet today's mobility and IoT requirements:

  • IoT: Device Connectivity Platform (DCP), Universal Connectivity Management (UCM), Connected Vehicle Cloud (CVC) / Fleet Management
  • Professional (or Private) Mobile Radio Communication Long Term Evolution (PMR-LTE) Infrastructure
  • 5G Network Infrastructure
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Founded in 1876 and headquartered in Kista, Stockholm (Sweden), Ericsson is a multinational networking and telecommunications equipment company offering services, software, infrastructure in ICT for telecommunications operators and IP networking equipment, mobile and fixed broadband, cable television, video systems, etc.

  • Over 96,000 employees worldwide
  • $24 billion annual revenue in 2019