Live Objects: a secure platform for your objects and data

Would you like to manage your objects, collect and stock the data securely?
We operate a secure and evolutive platform. Cloud-based, it offers a complete suite of services which evolve according to your needs. Process your data, transform it into insights and make it available to your customers and users.

Live Objects technical diagram

A complete suite of services that evolves with your needs

Live Objects is a platform which covers the major functionalities required for any IoT project. It's an open solution that carries all market standards. At the heart of your IoT project, everything revolves around this platform: your objects and your connectivity solution.

Thanks to Live Objects, you transform your data into useful information to gain customer knowledge.

Device Management

Control and manage your connected objects

Live Objects allows you to :
- follow their activity and status
- perform diagnostics
- configure and update
- integrate new elements simply

Message Management

Optimize and simplify the communications of your objects wherever they are.

Live Objects allows you to :
- control the message flow
- be informed about system anomalies instantly, to be able to correct them and garantee your quality of service.

Data Management

Process all the collected data

Thanks to an open data model, Live Objects adapts to increasing volumes of data.
It allows you to :
- safely collect and stock your objects' data using standardized APIs
- manage your events and alerts
- visualize your data

Support from our experts

We support you throughout your project thanks to our technical expertise of IoT components. Thanks to the “discover” mode, you can test Live Objects easily and quickly.  You may also use our services portal: