Flexible SD-Branch

Manage your corporate network in the cloud with lower costs and seamless security, while delivering an optimal user experience.



Manage your global LAN/WAN infrastructure from the cloud

Orange Business presents Flexible SD-Branch, a user-friendly, cloud-based connectivity solution that helps you optimize your LAN and/or WAN networks worldwide.

With Flexible SD-Branch, you get a competitive, secure, performant, "single-pane-of-glass" LAN and WAN managed connectivity solution based on Cisco Meraki technology. From the Meraki Dashboard in the cloud, you can easily handle the simple LAN/WAN needs of your branch offices or retail locations: connectivity monitoring, application visibility, automated software upgrades, continuous service improvement, etc.

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A global LAN and WAN infrastructure managed from the cloud

Flexible SD-Branch

Flexible SD-Branch provides a cloud-based, single-pane-of-glass connectivity solution to address the simple LAN and/or WAN connectivity needs of your branch offices or retail sites.

  • Access points (MR)
  • SD-WAN device with security functions (MX) to create secure overlay networks
  • LAN/WAN infrastructure design based on your needs, device configuration, onsite device installation, maintenance in operational conditions and continuous service improvement
  • Switches (MS)
  • Meraki MX device, which can be combined with cloud-based security (Zscaler, Umbrella, Prisma, etc.) for device performance offload and/or enhanced security features

Support throughout the lifecycle of your network (Think, Build, Run)


Architecture definition
  • Our experts design the Meraki LAN/WAN infrastructure according to your needs

Equipment configuration
  • Our engineers carry out equipment provisioning in the Meraki Dashboard

Onsite installation
  • Our engineers install the Meraki devices and perform the technical validation of the service

Infrastructure maintenance
  • Our help desk gives you access to level 2/3 technical experts for software issues
  • An engineer will be sent to your location with a spare unit in case of hardware failure


What are Flexible SD-Branch use cases?

Flexible SD Branch International

Branch office WAN/LAN connectivity

Quickly connect your small offices.

  • Build a Meraki Hub which acts as a VPN concentrator
  • Roll out your small sites which act as spokes
  • Use templates to ease the provisioning of sites sharing the same needs
Flexible SD Branch International

User mobility with high-performance Wi-Fi

Take advantage of a complete range of high-performance Wi-Fi access points for office automation and business applications.

  • Detect and set access points and switches remotely
  • Choose optional delivery, installation and cabling
  • Obtain remote support and onsite maintenance
Flexible SD Branch International


Use a single device (Meraki MX) for LAN, WAN and security.

  • • Meraki WAN devices are both SD-WAN endpoints and next-generation firewalls. Certain Meraki models include a LAN switch and native wireless access points in the same physical box, perfect for connecting small sites with security and network performance
Flexible SD Branch International

Easy integration of smart buildings

Increase the security of your sites remotely.

  • Deploy sensors to detect water leaks and intrusions and to monitor temperature
  • Install smart cameras
  • Use a geolocation service

What are the benefits of Flexible SD-Branch?

Manage your network in real time

You see which users are connected to your network and how WAN bandwidth is used by each site and by which applications.

Secure your network infrastructure

The Meraki SD-WAN device also acts as a firewall, providing local web security at the branch (more than 80 categories of web sites) without any additional firewall needed. You receive geo-IP based firewalling and advanced malware protection.

Optimize your IT costs

You don't need to buy a network controller, IT service management platforms (network, IOT, security) or an application-visibility solution. Your LAN and WAN are managed by a single team using one management portal, which reduces operational costs.

Reduce the complexity of your network infrastructure

You can optimize your IT team's performance by using the same user-friendly management portal to manage LAN, WAN and local security.


What our clients say about us

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Edwin Wijnhoven, Service Delivery Manager, Corporate IT, AkzoNobel Packaging and Coatings

Security is of vital importance to AkzoNobel...Orange Business has transformed our approach to network and Internet security, and we now have a service that protects the company more effectively and costs €1M a year less.
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Why choose Orange Business?

Orange Business supports you in your digital transformation through the implementation or development of your IT infrastructure.

Technical support

You benefit from rapid remote and/or onsite intervention.


You receive advice on the architecture to be deployed within your organization.

Remote commissioning

Your expert Orange Business team enables remote commissioning for greater flexibility.


You can improve your knowledge of LAN/SD-WAN depending on the package to which you have subscribed.

Our partners

Cisco Meraki, 25-year partnership to create tomorrow's networks.

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