Enterprise Application Management: network performance solution to boost applications and improve remote working

Do you need to accelerate your applications across your network? Enterprise Application Management (EAM) uses physical application probes installed and maintained by Orange Business. Also, since we're a Riverbed Elite partner, you get expert support from Orange Business and Riverbed.

Bringing control and visibility, Enterprise Application Management allows you to improve your productivity and reduce costs by improving the performance of your network, your applications and the experience of your end users through:

  • Acceleration and compression of data flowing through the network
  • Increased visibility and extremely detailed control allowing you to prioritize your application flows

Enterprise Application Management

With an operational foundation and service management, Enterprise Application Management is full featured and available across the world.

Service features

  • Audit of your sites
  • Design of the solution
  • Project management and deployment of probes and other equipment
  • Supply and rental of equipment and licenses by Orange Business
  • Maintenance provided by Orange Business
  • Installation and configuration of probes on your site by Orange Business
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Deployment management (or release management)
  • Proactive supervision
  • Change management
  • Reporting via access to our centralized management console
  • Access to our online customer portal

Service management

  • Service dashboards via a Customer Service Manager (CSM). The CSM will provide you with a report covering all incidents managed over the past period
  • Technical Application Performance dashboards – EAM delivered by the CSM via the Centralized Management Console


Enterprise Application Management uses Riverbed SteelHead appliances, the underlying technology that helps enterprises of all sizes maximize the efficiency and performance of their networks and applications. Your choice of physical probes depends on criteria related to the site(s) concerned, including:

  • Number of end users
  • Available bandwidth
  • Number of simultaneous transmission control protocol (TCP) sessions

The best experts at your service

We provide seamless management of the network and the EAM solution based on Riverbed Steelhead. For your convenience, we provide identical teams and procedures for ordering, production and customer service with a single point of contact during deployment. Finally, we proactively monitor probes, just like we manage the network.


Scalable solution

  • New options or sites can easily be added
  • Orange Business manages the assets
  • Software upgrades are included
  • Includes proactive supervision of Riverbed probes in the same way as we manage the network

Better cash flow management for your customers

  • Non-recurring access costs
  • Monthly recurring fee (subscription) allowing you to predict your budget
  • No capital expenditure (capex)





  • Application visibility
  • Application bandwidth consumption for optimized and "pass-through" traffic
  • Application performance reporting
  • Quality of Service management (QoS with profiles)
  • Caching for on-demand video


  • Compression (bandwidth optimization)
  • Traffic acceleration CIFS/Signed SMB
  • Sharepoint, Exchange (Mail), Citrix, NFS, LotusNotes, etc.


  • Identify, organize and prioritize application traffic



Why should you adopt Enterprise Application Management?

Our people and know-how

Quick and simple service delivery

Managed service
Allocate a predictable budget dedicated to network performance optimization and application performance monitoring

Well-known, worldwide partner

With Enterprise Application Management, you benefit from technologies from Riverbed, the market leader for network performance.

Riverbed Technology





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