International Ethernet Link: Ethernet VPN networking between sites and data centers

International Ethernet Link is the Orange Business Carrier Ethernet 2.0 compliant service suited for all kinds of sites from corporate offices to data centers.

The service guarantees bandwidth on optical fiber up to 10 Gbps with four classes of service to prioritize traffic. It is fully managed and comes with availability and performance SLAs. International Ethernet Link enables you to connect sites in more than 80 metropolitan areas in over 40 countries.


International Ethernet Link is a fully-managed carrier Ethernet solution for interconnecting two or more sites.

Next generation Ethernet MPLS VPN connectivity


What makes the difference with Orange?

Layer 2 Ethernet VPN connectivity in major cities around the world
Our service is flexible in order to meet your unique business needs across a granular range of bandwidths from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps and easily scalable without any hardware change.

Any-to-any connectivity
International Ethernet Link is a unique solution supported by a new-generation Ethernet MPLS VPN operated by Orange, enabling very high-speed and any-to-any connectivity.

Service class management
International Ethernet Link allows you to prioritize your traffic flows across standard, critical, RT video and voice. It ensures that applications are handled according to your performance requirements and is specifically designed to transport delay-sensitive traffic.

End-to-end managed and secure Ethernet network with best-in-class SLAs
Thanks to CPEs installed and maintained locally by Orange Business at your premises, International Ethernet Link provides efficient end-to-end reporting (from site to site) with performance measurements and associated SLAs.

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Our partner

We work only with the top product suppliers in the industry, so we have chosen Adva, the best-in-class CPE provider. Adva is one of the industry’s most trusted partners, providing network equipment for data, storage, voice and video services.