How can you balance and blend the use of AI and human talent?

Within the next five years, businesses made up of a workforce of both human and digital workers will have a competitive advantage. According to Gartner, AI augmentation will generate $2.9 trillion in business value and recover 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity in 2021.


Data is critical to the success of any artificial intelligence program. Committing thoroughly to the application of AI means devoting more attention to improving data quality. In light of this, business leaders need to ask themselves the following:

  • Are there large amounts of accessible data, relevant to the business problem to be solved or opportunity, that needs to be explored?
  • How clean is this data, how frequently is it collected, and by which routes can it be made accessible to team members?
  • Do we have the company-wide data governance systems in place?

At Orange Business, we help enterprises like you to collect, transport, store, process, analyze and share data in the best way and create new business value through the application of AI.


Smarter data management for AI-enabled business success

Smarter data management for AI-enabled business success

AI offers a huge landscape of opportunity for enterprises to:

  • Transform the customer experience
  • Build better business processes
  • Increase digital resilience (AIOps and AI for cyberdefense)

Underpinning all this, effective data management is key.

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"We believe the companies that will be most successful will balance and blend the use of AI and human engagement to personalize and simplify the customer journey, reduce friction at every point of interaction and encourage the most appropriate purchases."

Anne-Sophie Lotgering, CMDO, Orange Business


Can AI take on a crucial role in CX?

Maturing AIOps: noise reduction and beyond


AI and chatbots are becoming the new standard of web interaction. Our experts look at how they will complement human interactions to improve the customer experience (CX).


AIOps (AI for IT operations) is essential to automate the identification and resolution of IT system problems and analyze data at scale in the era of digital dependency.


Why Orange Business?

AI development at Orange is firmly focused on helping people by creating richer customer experiences and improving business processes. AI and advanced data management platforms are used in virtually every area of our business. They enable us to manage the performance of our new, virtualized networks in a more efficient and automated way and enhance customer service delivery. We’ve applied advanced data management and AI to enhance our SDx (Software-Defined Everything), 5G, MSI (Multisourcing Service Integration), Unified Communications and Contact Center services.

AI is vital to detect abnormal network behavior or degradations in call quality or data flows. It then triggers actions within intelligent automation and service-orchestration systems to ensure consistent service levels across distributed IT environments. We also use chatbots and robotic process automation at Orange Bank and the consumer and B2B arms of our mobile business to help accelerate and enhance customer service delivery.

Orange addresses the ethical questions raised by AI by design. We’re committed to eliminating data bias, boosting transparency, security and privacy and always consider the workforce implications of the introduction of any new technology.

AI and data experts

researchers on topics including AI at Orange Labs

Rich AI start-up ecosystem (Smartly.AI, Vision Labs, SecBI)

The Orange AI Ethics Council contributes to EU guidelines

Part of Acumos AI, a collaborative open-source framework to make it easy to build, share and deploy AI apps

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