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In a fast-changing telecommunications market, it is more important than ever to maintain control and visibility of the performance of a multisourced environment.
Enterprise IT frameworks have become more complex – especially with the rise of new hybrid technologies and services, provided by an ever-increasing number of suppliers. The challenge for CIOs is to get their multiple suppliers to work together effectively and overcome the complexity of governing them uniformly.

This is where our Multisourcing Service Integration (MSI) model can help. As a multisourcing service integrator, we bring the required governance at the operational level and at the third-party contract level, along with the security processes and policies that will identify and mitigate the risk from a business perspective.

MSI enables you to overcome the challenges of integrating and managing your external suppliers and internal service providers. It aligns services with your business, boosts innovation, drives collaboration and delivers continuous service improvement.

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Market Trends: MSI-SIAM Buyer Behavior in Managed Communications Services

MSI: the latest trends

Enterprises today are expanding their IT resources beyond their traditional IT footprint and managed services – and, in the future, MSI services will be central to managing these large, complex, evolving communications infrastructures. Outsourcing the multisourcing service integrator role is a critical decision for any organization considering delegating vendor management to a third party.

We’d like to share with you Gartner’s new Market Trends: MSI-SIAM Buyer Behavior in Managed Communications Services study, which discusses market trends, challenges, vendors and recommendations as well as key conclusions.

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Multisourcing Service Integration

Flexibility, control and peace of mind

Over the last 10 years, the pace of the environment we live in has truly accelerated. This is especially true when it comes to IT and telecommunications. So it is more important than ever for you to maintain control and visibility of the performance of your service providers.

Our Multisourcing Service Integration whitepaper shows how you can accelerate digital transformation through re-defining the services approach: how to lower costs, lower risk and improve performance. It addresses the different MSI options, benefits and strategies – accompanied by real-life stories.

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What can MSI do for you?

Technology has driven digital transformation and opened many new opportunities and markets worldwide. But the increasing variety and availability of different technologies, such as SD-WAN, telephony and cloud, from multiple suppliers have also increased infrastructure complexity.
Multisourcing Service Integration (MSI) allows you to regain control over your suppliers, costs and IT estate, while ensuring that all services work in harmony.

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Multisourcing Services Integration


MSI from Orange Business Services


With the digital revolution came a multiplication of technologies. Numerous endpoints and connected devices, more suppliers, cloud and app services, data flows and complexity – they’re all already a part of our daily business lives – and there is much more to come. As a service provider and integrator, we can orchestrate your data journey, efficiently coordinating and integrating service delivery.

The videos below will help you understand how to overcome the increasing complexity driven by today's emerging technologies and explains how Multisourcing Service Integration from Orange Business Services can help you to effectively and efficiently manage your growing mass of vendors.


"Multisourcing Service Integration is all about us managing on your behalf the complexity of your ecosystem for the benefit of your business and your customers."

Paul Joyce, Executive Vice President, Customer Service and Operations, Orange Business Services

"The more effectively an organization integrates and manages its global solutions, the better the business performs and enables their digital transformation."

Samir El Rashidi, Director Enterprise Services, Orange Business Services

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