Orange Business talks AI and MSI at ServiceNow annual conference

ServiceNow’s annual conference has moved online, and Orange Business will be presenting at two virtual sessions. To register for ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2020 Digital Event, click here.

Session 1: AI for business services

Presented by Scott Taylor, Senior Consultant Global Client Programs, Americas
June 11, 2020 at 11:00 am EDT - registration code BRE2054

This session examines how AI and modern automation technologies have the potential to open up significant business opportunities for service providers, advancing IT Service Management (ITSM) and accelerating digital transformation.

AIops brings the power of machine learning and analytics to the world of IT operations. Use cases include event correlation, predictive analysis, anomaly detection and help desk optimization, among others. Benefits outlined number more value from big data, smoother operations, cost reductions, smarter decision making and an enhanced end-user experience.

Understand how faster, more accurate processing of data through AI allows providers to serve more customers and provide a better service. Reduced time loss for handling processes provides improvements in SLA compliance metrics and customer satisfaction ratings, for example.

Orange Business utilizes the very latest best practices and industry solutions in our managed solutions. These elements include modern automaton technologies such as customized Software Defined Networking (SDN), Bots and Robotic Process Automaton (RPA).

Session 2: Examining the business value of MSI

Presented by Alex Rigaldo, Head of Service Business Development and Head of the MSI Program and Samir El Rashidy, Head of Pre-sales, North America
June 9, 2020 at 11:00 am EDT - registration code: BRE2052

This session puts Multisourcing Service Integration (MSI) under the microscope. Alex and Samir take a deep dive into MSI and explore its business benefits. In addition, they outline the Orange Business portfolio powered by ServiceNow, and look at how it can accelerate digital transformation.

As we shift into the new normal, many of you will be weighing the business value of MSI to take back control of your complex, multi-vendor IT estate and bolster business continuity to mitigate the impact of unpredictable events.

Efficiently integrated services are now crucial to maximize the value of contracted systems and services in your business. MSI provides a sourcing model with a single point of responsibility for systems and services from multiple vendors.

Join in on this session to find out more about MSI and how you can achieve seamless end-to-end management of multiple IT service suppliers and 360-degree visibility on your IT estate.

Both sessions will be available on demand following the presentations here.

Ellen Crown
As Head of Marketing and Communications for the Americas region, Ellen leads the company’s enterprise marketing activities across North and Latin America, positioning Orange Business as a trusted partner in the digital transformation of multinational corporations. Motivated by the rapid changes in technologies, she is proud to be part of making digital technology a development accelerator for global economies, businesses, families and personal lives.