A multinational technology group was looking to the cloud to improve global collaboration and productivity, while reducing management and improving its network services. It didn’t feel comfortable taking on this business-critical project alone and was seeking a partner that could help in this complex journey.

The company wanted to deploy unified communications in the cloud, while increasing its use of Microsoft Azure and Office 365. However, it had a complex global network estate provided by several different network suppliers, which made cloud migration difficult. To move forward with its cloud transformation project, it wanted to establish a single global network, which would also act as a platform for future growth and to reduce management costs.

The technology group also wanted to move away from its incumbent provider and multiple local Internet providers. It was looking for a partner with proven global network expertise and settled on Orange Business. It was confident Orange could help it with cloud transformation and fulfill its requirements for uninterrupted, robust quality communications across all subsidiaries and associated companies.

Better, faster, stronger

To address the company’s cloud connectivity challenges, Orange designed a hybrid network based on an MPLS network, plus Business VPN Internet. The latter is an option of Business VPN that provides hybrid, embedded, secure Internet access. Business VPN, a fully managed business-class VPN service, allows the company to subscribe to a single connection for all its uses: intranet, voice, video, extranet and public Internet.

This new WAN was delivered across a large number of global locations. Orange also deployed unified services in the cloud with Business VPN Galerie, which provides secure access to cloud service providers via the corporate business VPN without touching the public Internet. Built-in cloud connectivity services are provided to Microsoft 0365/Azure using Business VPN Galerie.

By modernizing its network and centralizing all its services with Orange, it has provided the company with increased transparency in costs, contracts, service levels, orders and billing.

Connecting the future

The company’s homogenous network connecting its global locations will provide a secure and fast connection to cloud and communications services to support its business, onboarding new applications and ensuring agility and resilience for the future.

From a single provider, the company now benefits from a managed service worldwide with multiple Internet breakouts either to Orange cloud or set up locally. The solution handles the company’s growing Internet and cloud application traffic in a cost-effective way coupled with enhanced performance.