Multicloud environments are emerging as strategic platforms for driving innovation and competitive edge. This shift entails many challenges, and the demand for services is outpacing the skills available. The big problem is that not all enterprises understand how to manage multicloud, or ultimately, how to derive maximum business value from their investments.
These enterprises are left disillusioned with big consumption bills, increased complexity and projects that fall short of targets. Here, you'll find all the information you need to get maximum value from cloud and deliver a smooth transition to multicloud-enabled service models.

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All things cloud: Building a future-proofed multicloud strategy

As your organization progresses on its multicloud transformation journey, it’s imperative that capabilities can be monitored and strengthened along the way, if it’s to securely exploit the dynamic nature of cloud and focus more on business outcomes.
This ebook will guide you through developing a resilient and flexible multicloud strategy that acts as a key business enabler. One that connects connectivity, security and the user experience across the enterprise.

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All things cloud


Top tips for getting business value from multicloud

How can multicloud deliver business value?

More clouds means more complexity. Each and every service on every cloud needs to be managed and secured, and usage has to be carefully monitored. This means working out the most efficient way of using various clouds to ensure you don’t end up spending more money than with on-premise services.

To help you succeed, our consultants have put together these 10 tips that span the entire multicloud journey.

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Why choose Orange Business Services?

We have cloud, security and network experts to fully support your cloud migration strategy end to end. To preserve the integrity of your data, our infrastructure is protected by the most advanced security solutions. Our secure networks can transport your data between users and our worldwide data centers, while our innovative and analytical tools can extract intelligence from your data, turning it into real business value.

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