A multinational engineering company, facing up to dynamic market changes and an increasing demand for flexible working, needed a secure workspace in the cloud. One that could support its decentralized business model, which is designed to get closer to the customer.

The company wanted to provide its workforce with a digital workspace that would allow employees to access information anytime, anywhere, from any device. It also wanted applications, which are often demanding such as design and simulation, to be deployed quickly to projects. IT had been a bottleneck by taking too much time to respond to these application access requests and holding up work schedules.

The company looked at digital workspaces on the market. However, the solutions available from competitors either required significant investment or were too regional.

Creating a bespoke digital workspace

Orange Business understood the company’s unique business challenges. It came up with a secure, global virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) specifically designed to handle demanding engineering software applications.

Orange moved the company’s desktop management from a local to a virtualized environment where applications are hosted on a virtual machine (VM) running on a centralized server. The solution is built on Flexible Engine, a 24/7 secured public cloud solution operated by Orange.

Flexible Engine digital workspace provides access to high performance VDIs, which consist of CPU, memory, disks and Windows operating systems (OS). These can be centrally deployed and managed from the Flexible Engine technical console, allowing employees to access documents and applications on any device.

Before deployment, Orange set up a proof of concept (PoC), followed by a pilot with a core group of engineers to ensure it provided the compute power, security and continuity to work from anywhere. Following the pilot’s success, the company is now onboarding employees around the globe.

Elastic services in remote locations

Orange has spotlighted its development skills in both the cloud and VDI, creating a flexible high-performance solution that enables the company’s employees to work from anywhere with demanding applications.

The company’s IT team has been able to deploy applications quickly, streamlining project timelines and enabling engineers to freely collaborate across the globe. As a result, the company has seen an increase in both employee motivation and productivity.