Business VPN Internet: the best of WAN & Internet with security & performance

Business VPN Internet securely manages your growing Internet traffic with no additional CAPEX or overhead budget, providing a better Internet end-user performance, allowing worldwide application of your security policy and providing the flexibility needed to develop Internet cloud applications usages.
From a single provider, you benefit from a managed service worldwide with multiple internet breakouts either in the Orange cloud or setup locally.

Business VPN Internet Customer's challenges

Key business benefits


Orange Business services has invested in 16 global Internet gateways on five continents. These distributed Internet gateways break traffic out closer to the user to eliminate the latency caused by the long physical distances between the user, the gateway and the destination web site. Orange Business Services provides geolocalization as standard, so that users in each country are able to access local Internet services.


Business VPN Internet is delivered as a component of the Business VPN Hybrid service, thus the IT department can reduce management overhead by dealing with a single provider for both IP VPN and Internet services, and ensure that Internet connectivity complies with the enterprise’s security policy. You have a single point of contact to help with operational incidents and contract management.


Business VPN Internet provides a “hybrid port” which offers greater flexibility and the ability to send Internet traffic over unused access bandwidth and allows cost effective combinations with back-up solutions, mixing Internet and VPN.


To implement consistent security, customer policy is distributed and implemented in the internet breakouts, ensuring the right policy is everywhere without any dedicated appliances at branch or sales offices.

Cost efficiency

The solution is available with no additional capital expenditure for customers. And the new Business VPN Internet pricing model allows customers to optimize network costs, by differentiating the VPN and the Internet usage.

Embrace Internet and hybrid solutions with secured break-out

Business VPN Internet enables easy transition to cloud services with fully secured Internet access. Cornerstone of our Hybrid Network portfolio, Business VPN Internet provides globally both local and distributed internet breakout.

Global engineering professional services company Aurecon is an early adopter of the service.

We chose Business VPN Internet to enhance our global collaboration, security, productivity, customer service and lower our costs, It has helped improve our application performance worldwide for enhanced end-user experience and increased network visibility.

Sean Elwick, head of IS, Aurecon

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