Unified Engagement Suite – NICE inContact: transform your customer engagement strategy to make it a competitive differentiator

Smarter journey, faster resolution and personalized interaction are the key attributes of today’s CX leaders. Ready to beat the competition? Delivering connected, contextualized experience across channels and geographies requires the right solution and a trusted partner. Opt for the world’s #1 cloud customer experience platform and the expertise of a carrier-grade integrator to better understand customer insights and have the answers to their questions and the solutions to their problems.

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An all-in-one solution for your customer service needs

NICE inContact CXone technology powers the solution, while Orange fully integrates it with any of your business applications, enabling you to take full advantage of the solution. Thanks to omnichannel routing, workforce optimization, automation and more, your contact centers will be years ahead of your rivals' systems.



  • Customers and motivation for calling in natural language


  • Requests identified and directed to the best skilled agent when needed



  • Conversation based on customer's context and data


  • Routine calls with seamless human-like interaction



  • Callers handled securely and accurately with voice biometrics



Get ahead of the game with an unmissable solution

Get the scale and elasticity you need: our offer is based on a unified cloud-native platform and a single integrated environment that allows you to adopt cutting-edge features and channels with the push of a button. Benefit from 250+ APIs and out-of-the-box, seamless integration with a broad ecosystem of software partners – including CRM, collaboration and contact center technology providers – so your business is perpetually at the forefront with its technology. Also, thanks to our highly-reliable SLAs, this solution is smoothly delivered so that technical issues do not occur and create a domino effect on your employees.

A single provider with the right service approach to give your business a step up

ues-service approach

Enabling yourself: CX helps you stay ahead of the competition

CX is a competitive differentiator that must be central to your business strategy – but, to succeed, you need to place world-class CX as a goal to be achieved across your organization and work backward from there.

Customer service organizations

  • Ensure processes comply with specific local regulations or internal standards
  • Handle unexpected spikes in interactions with quick and automatic scaling
  • Define a clear path for moving to the cloud
  • Easily add new features while digitizing channels and automating processes

Contact center managers

  • Leverage an interactive dashboard to visualize real-time agent performance
  • Optimally forecast and schedule to align with customer demand
  • Flag best agent practices for tailored training
  • Understand how agents should approach queries

Customer service agents

  • Equip agents with an intuitive interface with all context and data
  • Capture interactions and act on complaints and feedback
  • Identify inefficiencies in customer journeys and increase first contact resolution
  • Motivate your agents by delegating repetitive and low-value queries to a bot


An accomplished customer experience service provider and integrator you can trust

By choosing Orange Business, you are getting a recognized partner for contact center integration, who's able to deliver AI capabilities with local presence and support, unequalled global reach and reputed voice quality. Our experts help you define the uses cases where automation could assist and integrate the bot platform that best matches your needs within your existing ecosystem – regardless of the technology in place.

A contact center technology leader at the forefront of the industry

NICE inContact has the leading cloud-based customer interaction and workforce performance management platform. Harnessing over 10 years of experience in cloud solutions, they will delight your customers, empower employees to improve customer service and build tomorrow’s robotic workforce.

An experienced provider and integrator you can trust

Orange Business combines a global carrier-grade network and connectivity expertise with a high-quality, end-to-end service approach to deploy the NICE inContact CXone platform. Our CXportfolio includes consultancy skills, contact center solutions, cutting-edge technologies, integration services and data analytics tools. This way, we design, build and run your bespoke solution, tailoring it to your specific needs, and you benefit from our 24/7 customer support and incident management.


Respective market leaders united to engage and optimize contact centers globally

Orange and NICE share a long-standing, unique partnership that is trusted by more than 20 companies worldwide and is recognized by analysts. Together, we offer solutions with unmatched expertise, high-quality support and an international footprint that revolutionize the market and lift companies’ customer service to new heights. Our joint engagement makes it easier for companies to benefit from our enticing solution portfolio and to empower their teams to deliver the best customer experience possible with them across the globe.

NICE inContact





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