Voice of the Customer: Act on insightful feedback from 100% of your customers

The best customer service is pre-emptive and is about knowing what your customers are thinking. Voice of the Customer is your new crystal ball. By spotting trends and patterns from contact center interactions, you will get real-time insights into your customers’ experiences, pinpoint recurring issues and empower agents with tailored coaching. Never miss a vital sign and make sure you exceed the needs of demanding customers to mitigate any risk of churn.

Choose the solution that will help you reach new heights

When brands capture feedback, they can identify gaps in products and processes and move forward in a way that pleases their customer base. Automatically analyzing 100% of interactions propels this process. It proactively prevents repeat contact for recurring issues, ensures extra care to retain customers and improves journeys to attract new ones.


  • ▪ Gather direct feedback from contact center interactions in real-time across all channels
  • ▪ Track trending issues and the most mentioned topics
  • ▪ Tap into advanced analytics including emotion, correlation and root-cause analysis


  • ▪ Assess calls on the go and alert supervisors if necessary
  • ▪ Guide agents mid-call with next-best-action support
  • ▪ Fix broken processes to reduce repeat contact
  • ▪ Tailor your approach based on new insights and increase customer loyalty
  • ▪ Run automated compliance audits to ensure that your company is complying with regulations 


  • ▪ Single out best agent practices to personalize training based on their skill-set and performance
  • ▪ Detect ‘at-risk’ customers to reduce churn
  • ▪ Boost conversion by identifying buying signals and up/cross-sell opportunities

Not forgetting ROI

Watch your ROI soar high thanks to improved agent effectiveness and an overall boost in returning customers.

Not forgetting ROI

An experienced integrator you can trust

We are a proven integrator with unique capabilities in machine learning, analytics and automation and will map and meet your business needs. We integrate Voice of the Customer into existing contact center solutions for a seamless approach and a bespoke end-to-end journey. Our aftercare service has 15 experts to solve any issues you encounter.

Customer case studies

Our vast expertise and experience has helped many global customers benefit from our solutions; take a look at the success stories below:

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