Secure Remote Payment: secure contact center remote payment processes

Safeguard your customer payment data with trusted contact center security processes

The pandemic and the resulting surge in online shopping accelerated the contact center transformation. The shift from a mere customer engagement platform to a profit center is all the more evident as companies offer direct sales via their contact centers. While some businesses are better equipped to handle this disruption, most are having to change their digital transformation plans and are being forced to rethink how secure their remote payment processes are. This is where our partnership with Voxpay can help.

Deliver simple and secure omnichannel remote payment

Powered by Voxpay, this PCI DSS-compliant, remote payment application ensures that customers can proceed with payment securely, with no communication breakdowns, over the phone or digital channels. Agents can supervise the process without hearing or seeing sensitive card details. No need to switch to another application: it is directly embedded into their contact center or CRM interface. If needed, we can also provide this as a stand-alone solution.

Secure Remote Payment

Cut costs while generating revenue

Normally, receiving card data means establishing a firewall, call recording or video surveillance to be compliant. With Voxpay, no sensitive data goes through your contact center – instead, it is routed through Voxpay’s secure hosting. No need to make complex, lengthy changes to your customer service or costly investments. Securing your payment processes will enable you to convert more visitors into buyers, generate new revenue streams and ultimately ensure positive ROI.

Develop customer loyalty with trust

Customers stay connected to agents throughout the transaction process for a more helpful, high-touch and efficient experience. They are naturally reassured as there is no need to read out their card details over the phone.

The secure process is not only faster, but has resulted in better conversion rates, with no abandoned baskets or drop-offs from customers who have in the past been directed to a website to complete their order. Providing your customers a flawless journey has never been easier.

Best-in-class contact center security when it's needed most


Secure processes

  • Agents can’t see, overhear or store sensitive data
  • Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) tones are deleted
  • Screen and call recordings are fully secure
  • Interfaces show only asterisks as customers enter their information

Streamline journeys

  • Payments can be processed over the phone or across digital channels
  • Agents access the application directly from the contact center interface
  • Links can be sent through the customer's preferred channel – e.g., SMS, Whatsapp, email or chat


A global IT company

With Black Friday looming, a global information technology manufacturer needed to rapidly ensure the compliance of its customer service organization with PCI DSS standards, without initiating complex changes in their existing processes. With homeworking measures for agents and an expected spike in purchases over the phone during the global pandemic, this was no longer a "nice to have."

The company deployed a Genesys-based cloud contact center fully integrated with Voxpay secure payment applications. The first phase of the project was completed for 2,900 agents in the U.S. in only two weeks before the global rollout. This provided end customers with secure payments and easy purchases, resulting in faster processes, an increased conversion rate and lower cart-abandonment rates.

An accomplished customer experience services provider and integrator you can trust

By choosing Orange Business, you are getting a recognized partner for contact center integration, able to deliver value-added services on top of local presence and support, unequaled global reach and reputed voice quality. Our experts help you define your use cases and integrate the Voxpay secure payment application within your existing ecosystem – regardless of the technology in place.

World’s largest network
designed to deliver reliability and security in 220+ countries
Technology agnostic
and superior understanding of the customer experience market
Competitive business model
based on the number of transactions and active users
Proven ability to deploy solutions and manage complex ecosystems
integrated with connectivity, contact center, automation, data analytics and business applications
Partnership with certified PCI-DSS Level 1 market-leading experts


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Secure Remote Payment

Secure Remote Payment

Set new standards in contact center remote payment

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