Voxpay: complying with PCI security standards has never been easier

In a digitizing world, companies turn their customer service into profit centers, offering direct sell via their contact center platform. Leveraging their dual expertise, Voxpay and Orange Business have partnered to help companies ensure that remote credit card payment remains secure and seamless, regardless of the channel.

More than the sum of our parts

Benefit from our expertise with complimentary knowledge. With Orange and Voxpay, you get two leaders in their respective fields: a native-network digital services provider with recognized voice connectivity expertise and unrivaled global network and an innovative Fintech company with 20+ years’ experience in the payment sector.

Together, we streamline and secure your remote credit card payment processes so you can move forward with your contact center business transformation while demonstrating trust and loyalty to your end customers.

Enhance customer service and protect your business integrity

As a global service provider, helping MNCs differentiate with unique services and consistent CX is at the core of our DNA. We’ve partnered with Voxpay to continue fulfilling this promise. Together, we provide both expert guidance and cost-effective applications, fully integrated with your contact center, to face the rising pressure of PCI DSS compliance. This enables you to deliver unmatched shopping experiences at every touchpoint on the customer journey while generating additional revenue streams for your organization.

Simple and secure omnichannel remote payment service

With Voxpay, your customers can pay securely:

  • Agents can’t see, overhear or store sensitive data
  • Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) tones are deleted
  • Screen and call recordings are fully secure
  • Interfaces show only asterisks as customers enter their information

Orange Business integrates the Voxpay remote secure credit card payment application into your contact center and/or interactive voice response solution. It is simple and quick and can be deployed globally, regardless of your existing IT environment.

Global IT company

With Black Friday looming, a global information technology manufacturer needed to rapidly ensure the compliance of its customer service organization with PCI DSS standards, without initiating complex changes in their existing processes. With homeworking measures for agents and an expected spike in purchases over the phone during the global pandemic, this was no longer a "nice to have."

The company deployed a Genesys-based cloud contact center fully integrated with Voxpay secure payment applications. The first phase of the project was completed for 2,900 agents in the U.S. in only two weeks before the global rollout. This provided end customers with secure payments and easy purchases, resulting in faster processes, an increased conversion rate and lower cart-abandonment rates.

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VOXPAY is a French fintech company that provides call centers and stores with a unique and seamless omnichannel solution for securing remote payments. By DTMF, voice recognition, SMS, whatsapp, email, or chat, Voxpay lets you choose the appropriate channel for your customer to pay. Ensuring the highest quality standards through the PCI DSS level 1 certification, VOXPAY protects your company from credit card information leakage risks while offering a reassuring and personalized customer payment experience.