The growing number of customer interactions with companies’ contact centers during the COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of human response on overall customer experience. As we move into the new normal, customer experience will become a key differentiator – especially in the shipping industry, which is under pressure to become more nimble, flexible and responsive to market changes.

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services, an international cargo shipping company headquartered in Israel and one of the top 20 global carriers, has created a smart, efficient network to ensure stable, reliable services. The industry as a whole, however, is suffering from over capacity, and the company needs to further differentiate itself to remain competitive. Aligned with its vision, "Innovative Shipping Dedicated to You," the company plans to characterize itself by digitizing and enhancing customer experience on one hand, while on the other hand, not giving up on its personal touch.

We succeeded in maintaining our high level of customer experience across our global branches, despite COVID-19 pandemic implications, necessitating many of our customer service teams to work from home with very short notice. This was in large part thanks to Orange Business technology and capabilities.


Assaf Tiran, Global Customer Service Vice President, ZIM

To that end, ZIM has extended its contract with Orange for cloud-based contact and collaboration services, including network connectivity and audio and web conferencing. This move will strengthen ZIM’s overall customer experience. At the same time, it will help heighten collaboration and productivity across 20 contact centers across the globe.

Cloud maximizes the customer experience

ZIM has deployed Orange Managed Contact Center, seamlessly integrated with ZIM’s bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and secured by Orange cloud. The services have allowed ZIM to renew the agent journey, assigning the most appropriate agents to callers based on their latest profiles and interactions. Typical queries relate to booking schedules and cargo updates. This has enabled ZIM to provide a prompt, personalized and consistent service, even during the current global pandemic.

In-depth data analytics and reporting offered up by the services from Orange provide ZIM with total visibility of contact center activities and customer communications. This helps ZIM gain valuable insights in order to continuously improve the customer experience. A dashboard and real-time monitoring provide a dynamic view of call flows, ensuring ZIM can put the right resources in place where required to ensure a compelling customer experience.

Orange is also providing ZIM with a unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) suite powered by Orange Business Together-as-a-Service. This delivers voice, videoconferencing and collaboration tools securely from the Orange cloud to ZIM agents, wherever they are working.

Delivering great customer experience

Orange has provided ZIM with technologies that enable the shipping company to offer an enhanced customer experience, helping it stand out in a rapidly changing marketplace and reinforcing its advantage against the competition.

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