Business Together Cisco: a flexible framework of Unified Communications services

Business Together Cisco delivers a full suite of integrated and managed collaborative services that exploit the benefits of unified communications and collaboration to improve enterprise productivity.
All the collaboration and communication tools can be accessed by your staff, partners and customers via a single interface. Consequently, your communications are consolidated, and can be accessed anytime from your preferred device.

Step-by-step evolution towards unified communications and collaboration

Your business most likely has all or part of these tools for communicating. Business Together Cisco lets you consolidate them at your own pace, based on your priorities and requirements, with a single point of contact globally.

Rely on our experts

Our expert Consultants will work with you to identify the optimal approach based on your current situation. We will capture your business objectives and create a clear vision to get you from “where are you today” to “where you want to go to”, holding your hand every step of the way.

Interoperable with your existing infrastructure

Business Together Cisco can interoperate with existing systems and services already deployed. You also choose the operational mode that is most suitable for your organization: self-managed with support services from Orange, fully managed by Orange or somewhere in between with a co-managed solution.

Choosing a leading operator-integrator

Your solution is designed, deployed, maintained and operated (if required) by Orange Business Services. Our know-how has been acknowledged by the best players on the market.

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Orange difference

Supporting hundreds of customers with more than 1.2 million IP phones, Orange Business Services has more than 15 years of experience helping organizations tailor the best UC strategy to meet their specific goals. We can support multinational enterprises that want to use a unified communications solution based on Cisco on all or some of their sites, no matter where they are located, and maintain the quality throughout the lifecycle of the service. In the specific field of unified communications, we have 100’s of engineers specialized in the various UC technologies. As a Cisco Global Certified Partner, you can expect expert end-to-end support from a single provider which will reduce the complexity of your global voice services. Our specialists integrate and set up the solutions that we can manage and supervise for you. We also offer to provide you with dedicated, personalized support. Our references

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