Momentum around digital success boosts the Nordic happiness quotient

While the Nordic countries may be sparsely populated, they compensate well by being at the forefront of digital development. Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden have all retained a top ten spot over the past five years in the IMD global digital competitiveness ranking. The countries also appear in the top spots in the EU digital economy and society index.

Demonstrating global vision, local care

With this digital mindset, and with a strong base of multinational customers, Orange Business continues to intensify its focus on the Nordic market. This year alone, business has taken off with a number of impressive customer deals from the region, including KONE, Maersk and Getinge, just to mention a few. Adding additional cloud and security competencies and significant innovative capabilities to the local and global landscape alike were also clear goals behind the Orange acquisitions of Basefarm and SecureLink over the past few years.

Combining the local presence and capabilities of Basefarm with the Orange Business position in the cloud-computing services market has proven to be successful, adding value for the region’s many international enterprises. The enriched expertise and innovative technologies, particularly in data management, the management of critical applications, Big Data and multi-cloud services, have enhanced the Orange Business cloud offering.

Enabling smart solutions

In the Nordics, we also support our customers with a range of IoT technology solutions, spanning smart tracking and logistics to health and safety. Here Orange Business is both co-innovating and providing global scale and quick, global go-to-market for locally-based start-ups and companies, such as Sweden-based C Security Systems, with their Spara trackers.

A highly interesting connected car project includes Lynk & Co, where Orange has worked closely with the company to build a solution that enables Lynk & Co’s business and operations model within the automotive industry. Lynk & Co has launched its “always connected” car, and the vehicle uses the IoT network and infrastructure from Orange Business to deliver connected services to drivers. Each car will benefit from the Orange IoT Managed Global Connectivity solution, which provides secure and seamless integration between connected car services and online tracking. A key part of their business model encompasses membership-based mobility for those who want to “rent” a car instead of purchasing it. The car incorporates a share button, enabling owners to generate income via sharing functionalities.

Securing businesses locally and around the world

Orange Business has also strengthened its cybersecurity offering in the Nordic region with SecureLink teams based in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. SecureLink has been integrated into Orange Cyberdefense, the cybersecurity arm of Orange Group. Security continues to be an important area for the region’s many enterprises as they face increasingly sophisticated and global threats. As cybersecurity is a growing market, it also requires both a critical size to respond to the complexity of attacks and close proximity to customers, which the addition of SecureLink helps bring to Orange Business.

I’d be remiss to not mention that, while the Nordic countries are in the digital forefront, they are also consistently ranked as some of the happiest in the world. From my perspective – particularly as a Stockholm transplant – I’m keen to continue leading the Orange Business team in the Nordics on both levels: forging ahead with digital solutions for our enterprise customers while keeping up a positive and happy mindset.

Simon Ranyard
Simon Ranyard

Simon Ranyard is Managing Director for Nordics, UK and Ireland at Orange Business and is based in London, England. With 20 years' experience in ICT in sales functions, Simon is driving a revenue growth plan by focusing on the innovative services that Orange can bring to its customers and on continuously improving the way we work with them.

In his spare time, Simon is a keen cricket fan and enjoys supporting youth development in the game.