C Security Systems teams up with Orange Business and the IoT Continuum initiative to launch its LTE-M tracker in Europe

Swedish tracker company C Security Systems has chosen Orange Business and the IoT Continuum initiative to accelerate the delivery of its LTE-M trackers in Europe.

C Security Systems, headquartered in Stockholm, is an expert in mobile communications and positioning technology. It specializes in tracking devices for boats, pets and agricultural livestock. The company was looking to leverage LTE-M technology in Europe as it offers carrier-grade security, long battery life, low data needs, and can operate in remote locations.

Trackers certified to work with LTE-M

C Security Systems was impressed with Orange and IoT Continuum’s expertise in the field of IoT, especially their ability to offer a seamless, secure, end-to-end solution for its tracking technology with extended battery life. In this business case, as part of the IoT Continuum, Sierra Wireless is collaborating with Orange on C Security Systems’ Spara project.

All the LTE-M modules used in the trackers have been tested in the Orange laboratory and come accredited to work on an LTE-M network, providing added value for C Security Systems and its Spara brand. This is a crucial differentiator for C Security Systems in the European marketplace, providing customer awareness to an invisible tracker component.

Pooling expertise

In the broader sense, IoT Continuum is a partnership between Orange, Sierra Wireless, LACROIX, and STMicroelectronics. They are working together to simplify and accelerate the mass deployment of IoT in European markets and beyond. By pulling together IoT expertise under a single umbrella, IoT Continuum is looking to support international businesses to speed up the deployment and industrialization of Massive IoT over LTE (including Cat M and Cat 1) and 5G.

Find out more about the IoT journey with IoT Continuum.

Ashutosh Sharma
Ashutosh Sharma

As sales expert on IoT / M2M Solutions, Ashutosh helps both automotive and industrial multinational customers in the European region to successfully deliver cellular connectivity, Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine solutions. His aim is to further accelerate the growth of the Orange Business IoT business within the region. Outside work, Ashutosh likes to spend time with his family, read about technology, travel, cook, and do yoga and sports.