Orange Business attains number one ranking on the first benchmark for Global Managed SD-WAN services

Mid-2021 Global Provider Carrier Managed SD-WAN LEADERBOARD

Date: 11 August 2021

Orange Business has received the number one ranking in the recently published Vertical Systems Group MID YEAR-2021 Global Provider Carrier Managed SD-WAN LEADERBOARD.

ISG Provider Lens

Orange Business gained the top share rank on the Mid-2021 Global Provider Managed SD-WAN LEADERBOARD with the largest number of customer sites installed.

“We’re pleased to release the first benchmark that measures Global Provider market presence based on multinational managed SD-WAN customer sites,” said Rick Malone, principal of Vertical Systems Group.
“Enterprises with business-essential applications that span multiple regions of the world are choosing SD-WAN solutions from network operators with the global infrastructures, experience, partnerships and technical expertise necessary to deliver world-class services.”

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Franck Morales

"We are very proud of the #1 ranking in the VSG leaderboard for Global Managed SD-WAN services. For us, as a Network Native Digital Services company, it’s proof that our strategy is successful. As our telco cloud infrastructure expands worldwide, we continue to provide end-to-end security, flexibility and performance for application-users. By deploying our SD-WAN solutions across multiple geographies, we bring essential support to multi-national customers in their digital transformations."

Franck Morales
Vice President of Connectivity Services, Orange Business, MEF Board Director


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