Brunel deploys SD-WAN from Orange Business to standardize its network for future growth.

Brunel, an international specialist recruitment consultancy headquartered in Amsterdam, chose Orange Business to deploy a co-managed SD-WAN built on Cisco Meraki. Using fully-managed Internet, Brunel will be able to streamline its network for future growth.

Brunel was looking to standardize its WAN network infrastructure to enable employees to utilize Microsoft Modern Workplace, designed to improve employee productivity, promote collaboration and provide more seamless communication across the company. At the same time, it wanted to increase flexibility and scalability, allowing the company to open global branches easily.

We have an established trusted relationship with Orange. It has provided us with a 21st century solution that is providing us with the continuity, flexibility and scalability our business demands. At the same time, we have managed to make cost savings of around 30% by replacing MPLS with SD-WAN, while giving our employees robust anytime, anywhere access and future-proofing our network.


Stefan de Boer, Chief Information Officer at Brunel

Global SD-WAN solution

Orange has a long-term relationship with Brunel. Teams from both companies worked closely on the project focusing on three key elements: simplification, finance and transition and transformation. The goal was to enable Brunel to run a co-managed global SD-WAN with a small core team, while achieving cost efficiencies. It also wanted the global migration to be completed within a target time frame of 12 months.

To address Brunel’s business challenges, Orange Business is deploying a global Cisco Meraki SD-WAN solution, fully connected via managed Internet. The solution is integrated with Microsoft Azure Public Cloud. The service will be co-managed by Brunel and Orange. Day-to-day operational changes can be handled by Brunel employees locally via a dashboard, simplifying management and scalability for its small core IT team located primarily at its headquarters.

Ease of network management

Brunel is benefiting from an easy-to-manage SD-WAN solution to support its global growth ambitions. Cisco Meraki is an out-of-the-box solution, pre-configured and managed from the cloud, making it easy for the company to rapidly open branch offices.

Brunel will be able to connect all its users to Microsoft Modern Workplace for anytime, anywhere access, allowing employees to work on documents no matter their location or time zone. From a cost point of view, Brunel estimates it will save up to 30% utilizing Cisco Meraki over its previous MPLS solution.

cost savings compared to previous solution