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Orange Business named a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ SIAM/ITSM Report for the U.S.

Date: April 2020
Lead author: Lutz Peichert; Editor: Jan Erik Aase


As companies embark on the digitization journey more and more the need for effective, reliable and adaptable IT supply is furnishing evidence every day. As the result of extensive research, this report enables enterprises to understand and differentiate the paramount capabilities currently available in the market to find the right solution for their unique service management challenges.

In the latest 2020 ISG Provider Lens™ SIAM/ITSM Report for the U.S., ISG examined the capabilities of 29 U.S. providers across six quadrants: Business Value Service Management, IT Service Design, IT Service Operation, Sourcing Information Management, Service Integrators for BMC Software products, and Service Integrators for ServiceNow products.

According to ISG, the “Leaders” among the vendors/providers have highly attractive product and service offerings and very strong market and competitive positions; they fulfill all requirements for successful market cultivation, and they can be regarded as opinion leaders, providing strategic impulses to the market. They also ensure innovative strength and stability.

Orange Business garnered Leadership in three quadrants and one Rising Star in its inaugural placement.


Business Value Service Management

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Service Design & Transition

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Sourcing Information Management

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Service Operation & Delivery
Rising Star

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"In a fast-moving market where U.S. demand is increasing at the same pace as the growing complexity of technology ecosystems, we are very proud and deeply honored to be recognized by Information Services Group (ISG) in their first edition of the ISG Provider Lens™ SIAM/ITSM U.S. 2020 Quadrant Report, as a leader in three quadrants:
  • Business Value Service Management
  • Service Design & Transition
  • Sourcing Information Management
"Our mission is to deliver a unique customer experience by designing digital services to allow customers to focus on their business essentials and to continue providing support for constant service improvement of their Infrastructure and Communication Services, as well as visibility on the performance.
"This recognition highlights our know-how and expertise in driving our customers' complex and high-end IT projects of multi-sourced infrastructure with our Multisourcing Service Integration (MSI) service offering playing an important part of the ambition #2: "Develop our integration and services capabilities" for Orange Business Engage 2025. It brings the required governance at the operational and third-party contract level and combines all providers' services into a single one under a unique platform with unified management."

Daniel Bigagli, Vice President Enterprise Services Business Unit, Orange Business Service


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ISG Provider LensTM is a practitioner-led service provider comparison, empowered by ISG’s well-known advisory expertise and their data-driven research team. ISG Provider Lens TM research reports provide independent vendor evaluations and enterprise buying behavior segmentation. Service provider data, from either primary or secondary research, will translate into three different outputs. They are categorized as:

  • ISG Provider Lens quadrant reports: ISG compares and positions service providers in a graphic presentation based on their service portfolio strength and market competitiveness. Based on their relative positioning, service providers are identified as leaders, challengers or contenders. These studies are conducted over multiple regions and for multiple service line topics, in the IT, BPO and industry-specific domains
  • ISG Provider Lens archetype reports: ISG segments the prevalent enterprise buying behaviors for various domains or service lines. These buying behaviors or archetypes generally represent different enterprise preferences based on their maturity journey. These studies also highlight unique service providers best suited to serve each of these archetypes. The archetype studies are conducted at a global level