Inspiring, connecting and transforming in the age of AI

Orange Business executives, experts and partners met with over 500 customers, businesses and public administrations at the latest Orange Business Summit held in Paris on March 19 to discuss the dazzling advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and the challenges it poses for businesses. Here's a look back at the key messages from a day of presentations, round tables and interviews.

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"Together, connecting our successes"

The tone was set by the opening address from Aliette Mousnier-Lompré, CEO of Orange Business:

Today, what's changing with generative AI is its visibility and its immense development potential with an incalculable number of use cases in all sectors as well as all the economic, social, regulatory, climatic and ethical issues it raises.


In today's business world, artificial intelligence (AI) is a major concern in all sectors, and Orange Business has a unique perspective on its evolution and the challenges this technology presents.

Fifty-five hundred experts in data, AI and the cloud are driving a mission that goes beyond mere fads and ephemeral trends to offer customers "trusted, end-to-end generative AI solutions, right now."

This commitment rests on three fundamental pillars – connectivity, cloud and cybersecurity – to enable companies to seize the countless opportunities offered by AI "to improve their customer experience, to gain creativity, to gain productivity and to imagine all the services of tomorrow."

At Orange Business and Orange, numerous generative AI use cases based primarily on the Microsoft 365 Copilot solution are currently being tested. They include:

  • Agent assistance in B2B customer services and coding support with Dinootoo, a conversational agent designed for Orange based on Azure Open AI
  • Production of technical and sales documentation for customers
  • Instant translation of audio in Teams meetings, a favorite among managers of teams where both French and English are spoken

These AI solutions are profoundly revolutionizing companies' operational practices, and therefore require support. In this context, training is essential.

Training to support the transformation linked to artificial intelligence

Orange Business fully supports the gradual training and professional retraining of 5,000 employees in digital, data and AI roles between now and 2025.

In addition, Aliette Mousnier-Lompré took the opportunity to announce another long-awaited new feature: the availability of its multi-level data and AI training programs to partners and customers.

We can train very high-level experts, consultants in generative AI, and we can also do acculturation sessions lasting a few hours for management committees or operational teams.


Aliette Mousnier-Lompré, CEO Orange Business

Orange Business is also keeping an eye on its Net Zero Carbon commitment for 2040: "We know that AI can be very energy-intensive, and therefore have a high carbon impact. It's a question of choosing the right model, of not re-training models when we already have what we need to do what we need to do. We have a huge collective stake in this."

Building trusted, generative AI

Orange Business is positioned as a true incubator of solutions and talent for its customers, developing all services and solutions in an ecosystem with a wide network of French, European and international partners.

Igor Carron, Co-founder of French startup LightOn and project partner, and Aliette Mousnier-Lompré, CEO of Orange Business

I'm delighted to announce that today we are launching our portfolio of turnkey generative artificial intelligence offerings built on our trusted cloud infrastructure.


Aliette Mousnier-Lompré, CEO Orange Business

A turnkey SaaS offering for generative AI with LightOn

Presented by Igor Carron, Co-founder of French startup LightOn and project partner, and Aliette Mousnier-Lompré, this generative AI platform includes an LLM (Large Language Model) engine and an intuitive business interface, which can be installed locally or in a private cloud to handle the most sensitive data. It offers fine-grained data governance and enhanced reactivity. Entirely managed by Orange Business teams, the offer reconciles data confidentiality and security with cost control.

GPU as a Service for training and inference

This customizable solution enables companies to deploy their own LLM models in collaboration with their partners, with considerable flexibility and significant computing power. It meets two primary needs: the training and specialization of LLM models on servers equipped with ultra-high-performance GPUs and the production launch of large-scale generative AI projects, offering an infrastructure tailored to the training and inference of complex models.

Trust: a key strength when it comes to AI

Orange Business responsibility is not limited to training and developing potential and talent. It also extends to listening very carefully to our customers' needs, in order to maintain and constantly grow their trust:

  • Confidence in a service provider capable of implementing 100% French solutions, from LLM to integration to SecNumCloud infrastructures
  • Confidence in our support in international markets, backed by the extensive Orange Business ecosystem
  • Confidence in infrastructure and data security with 3,000 experts at Orange Cyberdefense
  • Confidence in a partner whose commitment goes beyond financial interests, with the desire to have a positive impact on society

As the cloud becomes the predominant element of digital infrastructure, digital trust is becoming a decisive expectation for customers. And it's precisely in response to this that Orange Business offers the Cloud Avenue solution and the Bleu trusted cloud in France developed with Microsoft and Cap Gemini for strategic enterprises (OIV) and the public sector.

Connectivity, cloud cybersecurity and data in the age of AI

Mick Levy, Usman Javaid and Kader Seddak at Orange Business Summit 2024

Data AI, cybersecurity and infrastructure: Three experts from Orange Business discuss their perspectives on the scope of current and future AI applications in the business world.

Mick Levy, Director of Strategy and Innovation at Orange Business, highlights the gradual integration of AI into all processes, whatever the size of the company, and the resulting productivity gains. He stresses the importance of companies customizing their AI solutions to stand out from the crowd:

"We're going to have to turn to tailor-made uses, based on your own issues, your own customers, your own processes, your own products, your own documents, your own data [...] and that's what we want to support you with, from start to finish."

Mick Levy, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Orange Business

For Kader Seddak, Cloud Security Business Developer, Orange Cyberdefense, AI raises new security challenges, while offering more effective solutions to combat cyberattacks. Orange Cyberdefense is acting on two major fronts when it comes to AI-related cybersecurity: strengthening detection and protection capabilities thanks to AI and securing the end-to-end AI chain.

"We're developing these projects around AI serving security, and security serving AI, to integrate it into our products and offer it to all our customers."

Kader Seddak, Cloud Security Business Developer, Orange Cyberdefense

Usman Javaid, Director of Products & Marketing, emphasizes the need for scalable, secure digital infrastructures in businesses. To meet this demand, he highlights Evolution Platform, the Orange Business flagship offering that provides a complete 3C solution (connectivity, cloud, cybersecurity).

With Evolution Platform, "customers can manage their data from the edge to the cloud in a highly flexible way."

Orange Business remains resolutely committed to fostering the emergence of a dynamic European AI ecosystem.