IoT Connect Anywhere: a secure connectivity solution based on LoRaWAN® technology

IoT Connect Anywhere provides global end-to-end connectivity between smart objects and a secure data management platform. It collects and extracts key data, using it to increase operational efficiency for your business.

Enable data transmission for connected objects

IoT Connect Anywhere uses a dedicated Orange LPWA network (based on LoRaWAN® technology) to connect devices and capture raw technical data. It transforms this data into operational indicators for optimizing workflow, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.



Collect and transmit data:

  • Choice of smart objects pre-selected and certified by Orange
  • Supply, installation, and support of network
  • Data monitoring according to your needs
  • Data delivery via gateways managed by Orange

Leverage knowledge gained:

  • Perform proactive maintenance
  • Prioritize field team actions
  • Effectively allocate resources
  • Reduce costs and generate new revenue streams


Make critical insights:

  • Manage devices and access data via Live Objects platform
  • Obtain key indicators
  • Assess operations in real time


Boost customer satisfaction:

  • Anticipate needs
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Receive immediate feedback
  • Upgrade business practices