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Optimize your IT ecosystem performance with observability



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Monitor and improve your information system's performance

Orange Business presents Service Manage - Watch, an integrated, cross-functional supervision service for your networks, applications and infrastructures and for improving the user experience.

Simplify the operational management of your information system with global supervision of networks and applications provided by Orange or third-party suppliers based on Artificial Intelligence for Operations (AIOps). AIOps combines big data and machine learning to automate all your IT operations processes and improve the performance of your information system and your entire business.

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Service Manage - Watch in detail

Service Manage - Watch is integrated with your existing monitoring tools to aggregate all your data in our data lake. The service consists of four pillars:

Automated event analyzer

All your data is centralized.

  • All events coming from your monitoring tools are aggregated in the Orange data lake
  • Correlation of events for interpretation using an artificial intelligence module with a configurable rules engine and machine learning
  • Alerts generated proactively and predictively

Dedicated team of experts

Our experts are with you throughout your project.

  • Continuously improved global supervision, especially the correlation of events
  • Vital liaisons with the service desk to ensure that your incidents are managed as efficiently as possible
  • Answers to all your questions about configuration, maintenance and alerts

Single portal

Any-time access to information related to the performance of your IS.

  • End-to-end, detailed, real-time visualization of all your relevant parameters
  • Dashboards to track all your events
  • Service availability reports

100% adaptable solution

We'll customize the service to your technical environment.

  • Highly customized incident tracking and correlation rules
  • Perfectly adapted to your situation, considering criticality of each site and application, seasonality, developments, growth, etc.


When should I use Service Manage - Watch?

When network latency affects application performance

When network latency affects application performance

By comparing application access times across locations, individual network performance issues can be identified and resolved proactively, avoiding breakdowns.

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When an application hosting problem impacts performance

When an application hosting problem impacts performance

Detailed monitoring of the path taken between sites and an application can reveal an increase in time on a node on the application provider's side. With our proactive approach, the problem is solved before it can impact users.

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To predict network saturation impacting application use

To predict network saturation impacting application use

By analyzing data from monitoring tools, any increase in Wi-Fi network bandwidth can be identified. Using a predictive approach, a palliative solution is implemented in anticipation of an increase in activity.

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The benefits of Service Manage - Watch

Maintain optimal performance of your information system

With Service Manage - Watch, you can reduce the number of incident tickets and save time in resolving them. By anticipating potential problems, you can also increase productivity in the operational management of your IT services.

Guarantee the availability of your networks and applications

Incidents are predicted, and proactive alerts identify potential causes of malfunction. Your customized alerts take into account your business activities and the potential impact on your business.

Improve decision-making for your information system

Identify potential weaknesses and areas for improvement with end-to-end visibility of your IT perimeter, so you can adapt your solution to the changes in your business.

Why choose Orange Business Services?

Dual expertise

As both an operator and integrator, we offer you our strong expertise in the management of complex projects and support you in your digital transformation.

Cutting-edge technologies

Data and artificial intelligence are at the heart of our innovation model with proven experience in the latest technologies.


Your data is managed exclusively in our own data lake, ensuring its confidentiality and security.
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