A single service experience to efficiently handle your data

With more and more data sources from the cloud, work-from-home programs and mobile users and an increasing array of services from vendors, monitoring and confirming data accuracy is becoming an arduous task. Multisourcing Service Integration (MSI) may well have the answer.

MSI enables the end-to-end management of multiple IT service suppliers via a single customer-facing interface for integration and governance, enabling enterprises to choose a mix of best-in-breed third-party suppliers to achieve business objectives.

MSI can also manage the data journey, ensuring that applications and services are working as a connected team across the organization. This approach removes data silos and ensures that data is aligned with both business outcomes and accountability.

Why are data quality and accurate data management so important? McKinsey forecasts that by 2025, smart workflows and seamless interactions between humans and machines will be standard, and most employees will use data to enhance every aspect of their work.

With data embedded in processes and decision-making, data must meet enterprises’ requirements in terms of quality, accuracy, validity and consistency. If it doesn’t meet these criteria, it could negatively impact business.

Delivering the best of all worlds

Enterprises today rely on a complex combination of vendors and service providers to run their businesses. The more effectively these can be managed, the more performance can be optimized to reach business goals.

MSI removes the complexity associated with managing a multi-vendor estate, better controlling resources using a common standard of governance, service quality and cost efficiency.

At Orange Business, we believe in continuous improvement and innovation. As a result, our MSI offering is regularly enhanced to ensure our customers have the visibility and control necessary to chart their IT estates’ end-to-end performance in an increasingly dynamic landscape.

This year, for example, our MSI offering has been enriched with two new services: Asset and Data Management for Business, a data modeling and governance service; and Service Manage-Watch, to supervise the performance of IT services.

These two services reflect our work on enhancing data management, managing risk and ensuring interconnected services from various suppliers provide optimal performance and availability. Data bottlenecks can significantly slow down analytical development, for example.

Simplifying the end-to-end monitoring of a global infrastructure

Service Manage-Watch is an innovative solution designed to ensure that connectivity and security at the edge, applications, infrastructure and user experience perform optimally to meet an enterprise’s business needs.

Enterprise IT systems increasingly rely on many interconnected services from various suppliers. Measuring the performance of these services is vital to optimizing performance and ensuring that day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Traditional monitoring tools take a siloed approach built on one tool per service, which is insufficient to meet the demands of distributed infrastructures. Service Manage-Watch gets over this hurdle by delivering end-to-end, real-time visibility in a single dashboard. This is backed up by a team of experts from Orange Business to calibrate correlation tools and provide advanced troubleshooting. Metrics from monitoring tools are harvested into the Orange Data Lake and correlated for analysis using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate proactive and predictive alerts.

Service Manage-Watch results in fewer incident tickets, better and quicker identification of root causes, and ultimately faster resolution times. It also provides alerts on outages and degradation before they happen. This proactive and predictive approach means IT teams have to deal with fewer incidents overall.

Service Manage-Watch is already delivering on its promise of performance enhancements. A multinational customer found that standard tools were not providing the level of observability and automation needed to protect it from expensive downtime. They were also becoming increasingly labor intensive and difficult to scale.

Following the service’s adoption, benefits include increased business process availability, productivity and improved end-user experience – all contributing to increased revenue. It has also improved the reputation of IT across the organization regarding competence and control.

Guaranteeing data accuracy

Data accuracy is a vital component of data quality. Creating data values necessitates discipline and precision to ensure all data values are accurate when it comes to using them for feeding AI systems, smart decision-making, forecasts and financial budgeting, for example.

Lack of good governance control and inaccurate service asset data can lead to flawed decision-making, business performance degradation and disruption due to faulty assets and vulnerabilities. For example, a customer we helped had suffered from inaccurate data flow, which led to operational inefficiencies. This resulted in unnecessary tasks, including service desks opening incidents on devices that were not available, and users contacting support due to an outage only to be told they couldn’t identify their devices due to lack of or wrong information. In addition, incorrect financial data created problems in budgetary forecasting. This culminated in increased downtime and wasted resources that could have been better spent elsewhere in the business.

This is where Asset and Data Management for Business comes in. It has been designed to take the complexity out of managing assets and data for our customers regarding filtering and correlation. It provides faster data checks, corrections and cleaning from Orange, customer, and third-party sources. End-to-end visibility guarantees data accuracy when onboarding the assets in the build phase. This makes for quicker availability of accurate data.

At the same time, the service manages asset risks, maintenance and compliance to reduce exposure and business disruption regarding data quality. Its scope covers digital asset discovery, data modeling, design and governance, and data workflow design. Business practices include service and risk management, service asset maintenance and compliance management.

Pivotal to this service are the data management experts who work to co-construct the data governance and modeling alongside the customer. This ensures that the onboarding of the service components is seamless.

A multinational manufacturer was having difficulties maintaining its data and assets’ lifecycle quality, due to poor quality, missing and out-of-date data resulting in inventory issues. Unfortunately, if one piece of the data chain is missing, the enterprise won’t get the value it needs from its data. Asset and Data Management for Business has taken the burden of data quality off the multinational, broken down data silos and provided it with an end-to-end perspective of its data, ensuring quality and consistency from start to finish. This results in improved operational efficiencies, better availability of IT services and, ultimately, increased productivity.

Re-modeling data management

IT landscapes are becoming increasingly complex, creating challenging multi-vendor environments. At the same time, a skills drought makes it difficult for enterprises to move ahead with their transformation plans. Add to the mix that data readiness and quality are now essential for business success, and you have a problematic scenario for CIOs to deal with.

MSI can help alleviate the situation. Tailored to the specific business needs of the enterprise, it allows for an appropriate mix of services and solutions, all centrally measured and managed for optimum performance.

Our latest data-driven initiatives, Service Manage-Watch and Asset and Data Management for Business go one step further and help our customers truly unlock the potential of data as an asset.

For further details on the Orange Business MSI offering, click here.

Sameh Hamdy
Sameh Hamdy

With an MBA in strategic marketing and extensive experience in Product Management, sales and technology, I help build service value proposals and solutions that answer customers' business needs. I’m a Senior Product Manager in Multisourcing Services Integration, and I believe that the evolution of Mutisourcing Integration relies on more automated, intelligent and digital ecosystems built on relevant/integral data and experts that will help drive quicker business responsiveness, efficiency and availability to reach expected business ambitions.