Service Manage

A single service desk for managing incidents related to your supported products throughout their lifecycles



Service Manage

Get support for all your products with a single point of contact

Orange Business presents Service Manage, a single designated service desk available 24x7 for any incidents along with a dedicated web portal for all your IT services needs.

With Service Manage, you can simplify IT services management with your designated service desk to handle any needs, incidents or any other IT services problems you might have. Multiple levels of service and options are available, providing the flexibility needed to address your specific requirements.

Service Manage lets you focus on your core business while remaining confident in the overall performance of your services and business continuity.

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24x7 welcome desk

Service operations experts are always available to help with the following:

  • Call management available 24x7
  • Incidents and log management to ensure quality and responsiveness
  • Technical specialists' handover to guarantee business continuity
  • English-speaking agents who are always available

Web portal: "MySM"

With your personal web portal, you can manage all of the elements below:

  • Incident management to resolve problems as quickly as possible
  • Configuration of notification rules
  • Real-time device status of eligible products
  • Information on planned maintenance
  • Web chat for online support

Service Manage - Watch

An integrated and cross-functional supervision service, which enables you to manage your entire IT ecosystem, with the following features:

  • Noise and incidents reduction enabled by problems' root causes' identification
  • Alert prediction for any situation of degradation or even saturation
  • Event correlation rules' improvement
  • Entire scope of IT services


Your options address all your specific needs.

  • Premium support with technical specialists to manage calls, troubleshoot and coordinate with technical support teams
  • Customer Problem Management, a proactive and reactive service that utilizes automated reporting and analytics and real-time problem tickets status
  • 11 additional languages for call support, so understanding your incident is never a problem
  • CMDB and incident APIs for dynamic information exchange

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Discover Service Manage - Watch

Manage the performance of all your IT services with artificial intelligence


How can I use Service Manage?

Service Manage

Manage your multi-domain IT solution incidents more efficiently

Enjoy a single, designated service desk that manages all your requests

  • Experts who speak your language for better communications
  • Technical experts and proactive monitoring for faster resolution on specific products and guaranteed quality of your IT solution
Service Manage

Manage your multi-provider IT solution incidents more efficiently

Quickly resolve incidents impacting multiple IT services with better coordination among providers

  • Rapid line-failure detection
  • Faster reporting to service providers regarding the quality of their services
Service Manage

Enhance performance with better visibility of your entire IT ecosystem

Improve diagnosis and resolution time of incidents

  • Easier identification of potential root causes
  • Better availability of your IT services with incident prediction capabilities

What are the benefits of Service Manage?

Reduce the time required to resolve incidents

You have one support desk for all your products, business continuity with 24x7 support, and faster resolution of all your incidents. You also have complete visibility on your web portal with detailed information and access to management processes.

Count on flexible communications and interactions

You choose the language for phone calls and use your own ITSM tool through API for the CMDB and incidents. You also benefit from global coverage, a simple interface with all your tools and flexibility with multiple service levels.

Manage incidents more efficiently

You benefit from technical expertise for complex solutions and faster troubleshooting, proactive monitoring of automated incident creation and quality of service guaranteed by SLAs.

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