Service Optimize

Guarantee the optimal operational performance of your solutions and continuous service improvement with accountability



Establish, maintain and optimize your IT operational performance

Establish, maintain and optimize your operational IT performance

Orange Business offers you Service Optimize to ensure the delivery of your IT solution's operational performance. You also benefit from Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the help of expert support and options.

With Service Optimize, you get help from a Customer Service Manager and a digital reporting and analytics tool. It ensures that your IT product usage and performance are in line with your expectations and the optimization of your solution. You also get recommendations to maintain continuous improvement.

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Ensure performance delivery

With Service Optimize, you have expert-level advice based on data management. Our tools and global processes help you make better decisions with the use of metrics.

Customer Service Manager

Your dedicated and single point of contact for operational queries

  • In charge of operational governance of the performance procedural and technical aspects of your service
  • Speaks English in addition to other desired languages, depending on your needs and your location (choice of 11 different languages)
  • Based in the location of your choice (over 40 countries to choose from)

Digital reporting and analytics tool

Dashboard and reports showing consolidated trends on the performance of your IT solution

  • Reporting: contractual dashboard with automated and fixed KPI/SLA process reporting
  • Analytics: automated and fixed analytical information to help you understand your data in detail
  • Deliverables: choose either a set of simple customization features or full customization
  • Available in My Service Space

Service review

In-depth support and monitoring of your IT solution

  • Reviews based on SLAs and quality-of-service reports
  • Analysis and recommendations for continuous service improvement
  • Monthly or quarterly reviews conducted by your Customer Service Manager via phone or face to face
  • Optional or standard, depending on the service level


How can I use Service Optimize?

Service Optimize

Optimize your communication and UC&C solution

Improve your decision-making process when managing incidents with better follow-up on the availability of your IT solution on a few sites. A Customer Service Manager, available via email for queries, delivers a yearly service review on demand.

Service Optimize

Support and optimize your multi-domain IT solution

Make informed business decisions and judgements to scale up your IT solution. Your designated Customer Service Manager, in charge of capacity management, will provide recommendations during monthly reviews for better optimization of your IT services.

What are the benefits of Service Optimize?

Enhance your decision-making and optimize the performance of your IT solutions.

Leave the worry to us

Rely on Orange as your trusted partner and on your Customer Service Manager's help. Delegate your data analytics to an expert for efficient management of your incidents, and maintain excellent quality of service.

Continuously improve your solution

Improve your decision-making process, get recommendations for adjusting your solutions for better price/performance balance and enjoy a flexible solution that adapts to your needs.

Enhance the performance of your IT solution

Better understand your service and performance issues and track your usage trends. Ensure correct SLA delivery, anticipate upgrades and better manage your ROI.

What makes the difference with Orange?

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