Service Optimize: continuous service improvement with accountability

Service Optimize offers Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to help you to establish, maintain and optimize operational performance and ensure the delivery of it. In addition, usage is in line with your expectations in an end-to-end IT service management approach.

Ensure the delivery of performance

With Service Optimize, you'll have expert level advice based on data management. Our tools and global processes help you make better decisions with the use of metrics.


Customer Service Manager

  • Designated single point of contact
  • In charge of operational governance: performance, procedural or technical aspects of your service
  • English speaking

Digital Reporting and Analysis Tool

  • Automated and fixed KPI/SLA process reporting
  • Automated and fixed analytical information with customization options (available in My Service Space)


Service Review

  • Analysis and recommendations for continuous service improvement
  • Monthly or quarterly reviews: phone or face to face



Your main benefits


  • Metrics and advice to enhance your decision making
  • Preparation of your digital future
  • Process of continual service improvement
  • Best balance achieved between performance and price


  • Tracking of your installed base
  • Understanding of your service and performance issues
  • Tracking of usage trends
  • Upgrade planning
  • Support for ROI management


  • Delegation of data analytics to an expert
  • Information and service review to suit your needs
  • Trusted partner with a designated Customer Service Manager


What makes the difference with Orange?

We measure performance against service levels and provide consolidated reporting
We prioritize and accelerate repairs in case of outage and grant financial remedies in case of failure, upon customer request
We provide recommendations that enable you to decide whether or not to fine-tune your solution to strike a better price/performance balance

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