Highly secured, reliable and elastic IaaS solution

Flexible Computing Advanced (FCA) offers a simple and comprehensive Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution which allows you to manage your Virtual Data Centers (VDC) in a multi-tenant environment.

Simplicity, autonomy and flexibility

- Full control of your virtual dedicated infrastructure, with the ability to scale up and down resources as and when needed.   
- “Pay as you go” charge model for resources with granularity up to minute or “reserved” for more discount.
- Connection to the cloud with Orange best in class network.
- End-to-end SLA and global service governance when jointly sold with other Orange network & security offers.

Cricket Australia

- Operates all national cricket teams and responsible for organizing & hosting tours in Australia.

- Since 2010, Orange provides customer managed services covering infrastructure components, Operation Systems and up to database (SQL) level on FCA Australia platform with backup and disaster recovery services included.

Luxury Department Store

- Driving a “connected commerce” strategy focused on creating a seamless shopping experience across its physical stores in Greater China and its global online store

- Orange deployed customer's eCommerce and ERP system on FCA Hong Kong

- Orange also integrated physical server and virtual security appliance

Global Medical & Security Services

- The world's leading medical and security services operating from over 700 sites in 70 countries with 10,000 employees

- Since 2015, customer has consolidated all existing business workloads across region onto 4 virtual private cloud data-center on FCA with self-service portal, secured network, modular and industrialized cloud services and management, in-build disaster recovery capacity.

- Orange also provides end-to-end fully managed WAN