Business VPN Satellite: reliable connectivity solutions for all your sites


Business VPN Satellite offers highly reliable satellite services in regions with poor or non-existent communication infrastructure but also extends Business VPN over the sea, enhances crew welfare and ship navigation and optimizes fuel usage. Orange provides managed satellite services anywhere on the globe, with secure access to your corporate IP based VPN, enabling critical applications, voice, videoconferencing, and even Telepresence.

Orange Satellite Service is complementary to the Orange Business VPN Network and, as such, can be considered as an access method within our product portfolio for difficult-to-reach areas. Orange Satellite Services contain three service types designed to fit the market expectations of large enterprises.

Business VPN Satellite - Terrestrial
Business VPN Satellite – Maritime
Business VPN Satellite – Spot

Key business benefits


Orange has strategically positioned 12 Region Teleports Globally to provide optimal performance for remote Locations access to both Corporate and Internet Networks.

Complementary services

Orange Satellite Solution is another access technology into Business VPN offering and allows the ability to add on other Orange Value-added Services that Orange has to offer from it’s Portfolio. Such as Business Talk Global, that helps reduce Voice cost by converging Voice and Data traffic onto the same link and with market leading voice rates.

Real tome visibility

100% visibility into every piece of the network from the terrestrial backbone all the way to the remote site with industry leading secure customer portals.

Continuously reinforced position in the maritime industry

Development of a Maritime Satellite service completely integrated with Business VPN.

Secure network services from Orange support vital humanitarian work

In a war zone communication is everything. Good communication helps save lives.

Charlotte Lindsey-Curtet, Director Communication and Information Management ICRC