Business VPN Satellite: reliable connectivity in the most remote locations

Keep your sites always connected

Satellite connectivity provides a secure, reliable link between remote sites and your company's HQ and can give you the bandwidth you need to support heavy-data work. The pursuit of new energy resources in increasingly remote locations makes reliable, high-capacity and high-performance communications essential. Satellite also mitigates connectivity disruption in the event of floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters. The right combination of expertise and technology will enable you to get more value from your sites.

End to end support

From initial evaluation, survey, design and planning of your satellite solution to delivery, installation, testing, ongoing monitoring, maintenance and service for your equipment and network, we provide a one-stop solution with a clear return on investment thanks to our network of local partners. Going forward, we support you for the long term, evolving or right-sizing your activities and programs as your needs change.

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What can we provide you?

The most recent satellite technology supports knowledge transfer and leverages scarce expertise, ensuring reliability and the delivery of securely-gathered data from assets and corporate systems to the right person, at the right time. The real-time nature of the tools gives remote workers the ability to connect across traditional data and application boundaries as well as across corporate, geographical and political boundaries.

Our capabilities include videoconferencing, VoIP, email and workspace management, so meetings can be held virtually wherever a user is in the world. It also enables the real-time transfer of exploration data, surveillance systems, video streaming of exploration, inspections, repair and salvage missions and tracking of wireless sensors for assets, helping you achieve efficiency savings in real time.


Boost data-driven autonomous operations

  • Environment monitoring
  • Asset management
  • Long-distance transport
  • Drone monitoring
  • Digital twinning
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Real-time collaboration

Empower a connected and digital workforce

  • Safety onboard
  • Healthcare
  • Sustainable exploration sites


Reinforce your health, safety and environmental program

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Augmented maintenance



The power of Orange satellite connectivity

Full integration with corporate offices:

  • Access to corporate network
  • VLAN support
  • WAN optimization
  • Corporate VoIP and mobility
  • Videoconferencing
  • Operational data exchange
  • Asset tracking

Why Orange Business?

Orange Business is uniquely able to support digital transformation in all kinds of industries. Satellite solutions are a key digital enabler in overcoming business challenges and offer reliability and security, meet end-user performance expectations and increase operational efficiency by combining many different technologies and networks – both on land and at sea – with end-to-end integration and in-house satellite connectivity.

50+ years of experience in the satellite market

Strong portfolio of value-added services in natural resources sites: telephony, messaging, mobility, application acceleration and crew welfare

The largest MPLS VPN, offering seamless coverage everywhere even in the most remote places in 220 countries, managing 325,000 MPLS customer sites with 3,000 served by satellite


Manage your solutions online

Easily manage your natural resources sites remotely with My VSAT Portal, your secure, self-service portal.

  • Network management
  • New benchmark
  • Reporter
  • Signal analyzer
  • Location tracker


Satellite Services from Orange Business

Satellite Services from Orange Business

Connecting the world’s most difficult-to-reach places

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